SkyDancing Tantra Teachers

Certified facilitators working in the French-speaking zone

Martine Mas

 Martine Mas

 Certified SkyDancing Tantra® Teacher




Martine has been living in Portugal for 4 years.
She is an osteopath and likes to see the individual in a holistic way.
She started tantra in 2002 with Sudheer Roche. She met Laurent Lacoste during his evenings in Paris and felt nourished, alive, joyful, "at home" and decided to participate in the TEL, other SkyDancing Tantra proposals and then in Teacher Training.

She likes to put into practice in her daily life what Tantra transmits to her: the 3 keys, verticality, the acceptance of what is and the reliance on the great Whole.

She is a certified SkyDancing Tantra facilitator and offers Tantra workshops near Lisbon. With Sara B.Stout and Marcel AriDharma Brouillet created The first SkyDancing Tantra online Immersion.


Certified Teachers from the French-speaking area, qualified to lead SkyDancing Tantra Trainings


Certified Teachers from the French-speaking area qualified to lead the SkyDancing SkyMen / SkyWomen seminar


Certified teachers (France, Belgium, French-speaking Switzerland) leading SkyDancing workshops

Certified SkyDancing Tantra teachers have followed a 6-week individual training over 2 years (TEL: Training for Ecstasy and Love) as well as a teacher training (Teacher Training SkyDancing Tantra) also of 6 weeks over 2 years. They have also been assistants of certified SkyDancing teachers on a regular basis.