Love and Ecstasy Training LET

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Prerequisites: To reach this more advanced level, we require that you have completed the Skydancing Tantra Level 1 Training (cycles 1-2-3) or another Tantra Training recognized by our SkyDancing Institute.

Who is this course for?

You are welcome alone or in a couple. Our Training can be lived independently of any sexual context. Of course, It can also be integrated to your sexual life in order to improve it. We wish participants to develop a personal practice between sessions, in order to integrate the teachings into their daily life.

This Training is addressed to any person wishing to deepen his/her tantric knowledge and personal practice.

It takes place in a marvellous environment near Montpellier, in the south of France.


Cycle 4

Maturity and Expansion


Cycle 4 - Maturity and Expansion

Maturity is the ability to stay in the flow of life, being able to cope with the unknown in the “here and now”. The root of our relational, sexual and spiritual maturity lays in the conscious acceptance of whatever life offers, relating to it with our inner strength in order to keep growing. As we become more familiar with our inner self, we transform, expand and gain confidence in ourselves and the present.
In this cycle you will discover and expand this capacity in order to dive deeper into your life flow!

Applying different Tantric meditations and other practices, we will invite you to fully experience the present moment. We will experiment leaving our usual comfort zone, letting go of old habits, judgments and attachments. We will dare to explore new and unexpected “waters” within ourselves and relating to others. We will also invite you to explore the notions of depth and emptiness - jewels from which the expansion of our body, heart and spirit can arise.

During this cycle, we will:

- Practice to approach life from a whole body experience
- Discover, welcome and develop areas of light and inner strength
- Become aware of, accept and transform our “shadows”
- Dare to follow our passion …a little, a lot, or fully…!

Cycle 5

Freedom in form:
Power of being & roots of orgasm


Cycle 5 - Freedom in the form: Power of Being & the Roots of Orgasm

During this cycle we will strengthen and deepen what was addressed in the previous cycles, by bringing in additional tools. We will propose an evolutionary journey that includes a number of themes centered around pleasure, its limits and its transcendence through
advanced body-psychotherapy practices.

We will journey together to bring awareness to the obstacles and limitations that settle in our ego and mind, preventing us from living our full potential and weakening our capacity for ecstasy and for joyful living. New practices will allow us to deeply explore in a relaxed environment the fundamental concept of freedom in the form, and how an individual, by going to the heart of one’s feelings, can be released from the chains of one’s conditionings to fully live one’s pleasure.

You will discover how to:
· Create a new field of consciousness that invites our creative potential
· Get as close as possible to our feelings in order to know and understand our limitations
· Create the space of safety from which it is possible to learn by playing and flirting with these limitations
· Understand the limiting mechanisms of our beliefs and deprogram them in order to access our individual freedom
· Practice the exercises of pelvic laughter

Cycle 6

Awakening one's Light Body


Cycle 6 - Awakening your Light Body

When you awaken your light body it feels as if your "inner sun" is rising within. Your energy vibrates with a finer frequency, and becomes bright. It is the initiation into Bliss. When your internal light shines, you are transformed. Your trust in yourself grows, and your creative ability, your aliveness your clarity expand. As your inner radiance expands, your spirit shines and you become more attractive.

In this cycle, we explore how to awaken your inner radiance, how to channel it down from the crown to the root of your being.

Then we explore the complete cycle in Riding the Wave of Bliss, from the root of your being (the first chakra) to the crown (the seventh charka). You become the connection between heaven and earth. In this process, the polarities of Yin and Yang progressively dissolve and open your being to Oneness.

During this cycle, we develop:
· The mystical dimension of SkyDancing Tantra and of Tantric Sexuality
· The art of "Riding the Tiger ": thus enlivening each of our chakras
· The practice of the "Descending Wave"
· The power of Sacred Geometry in the art of balancing energies in the chakras
· Mantras which empower powerful healing rituals.

Practical information

Prerequisites: To reach this more advanced level, we require that you have completed the Skydancing Tantra Level 1 Training (cycles 1-2-3) or another Tantra training course recognized by our Skydancing Tantra Institute.

Location: near Montpellier (South of France)

Schedule: the courses start at 11am on the first day and finish around 1pm on the last day.

Training's price list:
For 6 cycles: EUR 850.00 per cycle.
For 3-cycle engagement: EUR 990.00 per cycle
For 1 cycle engagement: EUR 1,090.00.

Accommodation: full board from EUR 67 to EUR 125 per person per day (2021 rates)

Certification: a certificate will be issued at the end of the 6 cycles.

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