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Atisha - Antoine Dubois-Violette Atisha / Antoine Dubois-Violette

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Antoine is passionate about human adventure and sharing. He is a trainer in relationship skills, a facilitator in collective intelligence, a coach and a counselor in psychosexology. He is also trained in NonViolent Communication, forum-theater, theater, storytelling, dance and transactional analysis. Antoine is currently training to be a therapist in different schools: ecole de psychosexologie de Paris, Ecole de Sexologie Orientation Gestaltiste et Self Therapy Training..

He discovered SkyDancing Tantra in 2014. It was a revelation!
Since then, he has been practicing intensely, alone and with a partner. He discovered another way of being in the world, feeling more freedom. Tantra is for him a path of knowledge, exploration, clarification, reconciliation, overcoming, listening to oneself, alignment, creativity, celebration, expansion...

Nowadays, he enjoys sharing the joy of being, and the inner sparkle he found in Tantra. He offers workshops in which he is committed to creating a space that allows participants to dare deep contact with themselves and dare to expose themselves to their vulnerability and power. Allowing participants to experience a relationship with the world and their body which is: carnal and sensual, vibrant and ecstatic, grounded and creative. Increasing their awareness of what goes through them and what is at stake in the experiences/situations that life offers them. Being at the same time welcoming what is, and taking responsibility for the power they have in these situations.


Upcoming events of Atisha:

Voix et Tantra
Date 13 May 2021 - 16 May 2021
Antoine Dubois Violette
Laura Cruz et Antoine Duvois-Violette

Certified Teachers from the French-speaking area, qualified to lead SkyDancing Tantra Trainings


Certified Teachers from the French-speaking area qualified to lead the SkyDancing SkyMen / SkyWomen seminar


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Certified SkyDancing Tantra teachers have followed the Love & Ecstasy Training over 2 years as well as the SkyDancing Teacher Training over 2 more years. They have also been assistants of certified SkyDancing teachers on a regular basis.