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The SkyDancing Tantra Francophone Institute has trained thousands of people over the past 30 years. It is the first Institute through which Margot Anand initiated and disseminated the teachings of SkyDancing Tantra. It is a cornerstone of the SkyDancing system worldwide. The Love and Ecstasy Training LET has been offered for more than 30 years near Montpellier, south of France, under the supervision of Nital Brinkley, director of this Institute.

This “flagship” Training is made of 6 seminars of one week each,  over a period of 2 years. These seminars are given in French and translated into English, since the reputation of this Institute as well as Margot Anand’s reputation is attracting many people from all over the world.

This  Institute offers other “SkyDancing Tantra approved seminars” such as :

  • SkyDancers Intensive : seminars offered to persons who have completed the LET Training and wish to continue with SkyDancing.
  • SkyMen/SkyWomen : a one week seminar offering a deepeningof the connection with  your own gender, during 5 days, before meeting the other gender during the last two days.
  • SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Training : organized from time to time when we deem it useful for the growth of SkyDancing Tantra.

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SkyDancing Tantra Francophone Institute is also a community of certified, professional and reputable teachers, bound to strict ethical standards and collaborating together in a harmonious way.

Welcome to our community where you will have the opportunity to connect to Margot Anand’s deep and powerful method, that is SkyDancing Tantra.


Nital MargaretaSince 2017, Margareta Prokunina  joined our organization team.
She is in charge of the organization of different courses: INTENSIVES, SKY MEN - SKY WOMEN
as well as some other courses led by our certified teachers.

logo SkyDancing InternationnalSkyDancing International is a collective of Tantra institutes and teachers who share the teaching of the Tantric lineage created by Margot Anand. It was created in 2015 to control and manage the network of SkyDancing teachers and institutes around the world.   - Website

Main Logo SKD Deutchland 300pxSkyDancing Tantra German Institute
  was taken over in 2017 by Rupananda (Andreas), a prominent SkyDancing Tantra Teacher, together with his partner Maïke.
The Love and Ecstasy Training LET is now mainly taught by Rupananda, together with Vijaya (Tina), another experienced German Teacher from the SkyDancing Community.  - Website


Logo SkyDancing USASkyDancing Tantra Institute USA officially joined our international network in 2007. Discover the sacred teachings of Margot Anand under the guidance of qualified professionals. This institute has been offering seminars for over 20 years. Sara and Thomas (SatchiJo) Stout are the experienced directors and facilitators. All over the United States, find your tribe and become part of a growing movement of awakened SkyDancers.   - Website


Margot Anand & Nital Brinkley  1991I started Tantra in 1987. I went through a series of initiation courses, a bit like... bulimic! I found there, what I had been looking for all my life, authenticity, fun, life energy etc.... Achintya (Stephen Vasey), my trainer in Postural Integration, was the co-leader of Margot Anand in France. After several workshops with him, it was quite naturally that I came to the Skydancing Personnal Training, which was offered in France for the first time.

Following my year of Training (3 cycles at the time), I joined the staff as an assistant. Skydancing was my second home. I left my two young children with their wonderful father for the time of my workshops. The organizer at the time, Agnès Pin Delacroix, wanted to stop and that's when Margot and Achintya asked me if I wanted to take over this job. I was very surprised by their request. My basic training was in childbirth and newborns babys - the beginnings of Frederic Leboyer childbirths - bringing the sacred into the birth, was particularly close to my heart. 

Margot & Nital 2003After several requests and insistence... I finally agreed. Achintya helped me a lot in my early days. I started with a small black and white Macintosh... I made all the possible mistakes and even the impossible ones... I spent nights there, learning, understanding, accounting, computers, organisation... My partner at that time had a lot of patience... the faxes arrived from US at night... I worked on Sundays and evenings...  
30 years later, I'm still at there and I love my job. My energy has become more inward, my organization more professional. The francophone Skydancing has stayed on track. We've been through many of storms: the death of one of our instructors, the sudden departure of another, Margot stopping, Margot coming back, the venue changing directors... and many other unforeseen events.
I am very grateful to have been choosen to serve this such noble task!
Nital Brinkley

Nital Brinkley