SkyDancing Teacher Training

International Training for Facilitators


From time to time, when we decide to take a new step in our organization's expansion,
we organize a Teacher Training in Europe or America.
They are not regularly offered but are designed to meet the needs of our organization.
These Trainings are a wonderful learning space for people who desire to spread the beautiful teachings
of SkyDancing Tantra throughout the world.
All applicant must have completed at least the first three weeks of the LET.
If you want to receive notification about the next Teacher Training in Europe or the USA, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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International Training for Facilitators


Rituel TantraThe SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Training is a unique opportunity to learn how to share with others the teachings of SkyDancing Tantra, one of the most respected methods in the field of Tantra and sacred sexuality available today. This training is designed for dedicated people who work - or would like to work - with others to facilitate their personal development and accompany them on a path of growing awareness and vitality.

  • Are you interested in becoming Certified as a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher?
  • Are you interested in learning tools that you can incorporate into your professional setting?
  • Do you wish to become a skilled and dynamic group leader in the field of Tantra?
  • Do you want to deepen your understanding and exposure to Tantra ?

Then this training is definitely for you.

This training is an adventure and an invitation to explore, practice and integrate SkyDancing Tantra into all facets of life, whether or not you are planning on becoming a teacher!

Over the period of two years, split into six Modules, you will:

  • Learn to share practices from SkyDancing Tantra with your clients in short events and in introductory weekend workshops of 2 to 3 days.
  • Get a deeper understanding of tantric philosophy and practice.
  • Explore teaching from your authentic self, using your own inner wisdom as the inspiration for your teaching.
  • Experience and learn what it means to be a transformational Teacher.
  • Develop the skills and insight needed for crafting transformational workshops and creating a safe, conducive environment for your sessions and events, including group facilitation methodology, and approaches to assessing and shifting group dynamics.
  • Discover your own teaching voice through partnered and small-group learning lab sessions.
  • Learn to let your teaching arise from integrated life experience, presence in the moment, and intuitive responses to clients’ needs.

The SkyDancing Tantra teacher embodies the teachings, and inspires their clients by blending content (what they teach), method (how they teach it) and authenticity (who they are). The Teacher Training is based on this premise, and creates an environment of personal and professional growth, and integration of the tantric way of being.

The Training Modules: Professional Goals & Achievements

  • The SkyDancing Tantra Teachers Training consists of six Modules of one week each.
  • At the end of each Module, you will receive an "acknowledgement of completion", which entitles you to use and share with groups the tools and methods learned during this module. Completion of one or more Modules allows you to use the practices from the training in your professional and personal setting.
  • However, the trademark “SkyDancing Tantra" may be used only by those who successfully complete the optional SkyDancing Tantra Certification Program at the certification level of their choice.

The SkyDancing Tantra Certification Program

Margot Anand's innovative body of teaching is represented by responsible, creative teachers/practitioners who are committed to the ethics of SkyDancing Tantra and involved in a process of spiritual development. We offer two levels of certification - Level 1 and Level 2. To become a certified teacher and to be able to use the SkyDancing Tantra mark and refer to the teachings of Margot Anand in your proposals the requirements include:

  • Successful completion of the 6 modules of the Teachers Training.
  • To have successfully completed the 6 modules of the Teachers Training. To have fulfilled obligations to assist in several workshops and courses, to organize several workshops and courses as "Teachers in Training".
  • To receive discretionary accreditation from the Teachers Training Supervisory Committee.
  • To have participated in the 6 cycles of the SkyDancing Tantra LET (Love & Ecstasy Training) personal training.
  • And other conditions described below.
  • To receive the complete list of certification requirements or any other information regarding the training, please contact us::This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Future

For those who will graduate under the SkyDancing Tantra Certification Program, you will have access to :

  • The annual Teachers and Assistants Meeting of SkyDancing Tantra (TAM)
  • The possibility to lead groups under the Umbrella of a SkyDancing Tantra Institute, this governed by a legally binding document. As a result, your workshops will be publicized and advertised by this Institute.

Please note that the present document is not a legally binding document. All information provided here are only indications and may be subject to changes and amendments, in particular regarding the leadership and contents of the various modules of the Teacher Training.

Module 1

The Foundations of SkyDancing Tantra


Module 1 - The Foundations of SkyDancing Tantra

(Monday, September 24 to October 1, 2018)

Laurence Heitzmann and Laurent Lacoste - Supervisors of Teachers Training & Directors of SkyDancing Tantra International

"Ecstasy is when you wake up and find that you're in love with life. " - Margot Anand

Module 1 of the Skydancing Tantra Teacher Training presents what Tantra and Neo-Tantra are and the place of SkyDancing Tantra within this global picture, while Margot will further present the spiritual lineage and foundations of it during Module 3. This Module 1 gives practical ways to work with others while deepening your own personal Tantra practice. You will explore accessing higher states of consciousness and how to offer a space for people  to grow,  to transform and to open. The content of Module 1 will cover: 

  • The principles of Tantra, Neo-Tantra and SkyDancing Tantra
  • The SkyDancing Tantra Energy Map: The Chakras and the Inner Flute
  • Rituals in SkyDancing Tantra: Heart Salutation and Sacred Space
  • The Ecstasy of the Body, Mind & Spirit: cultivating ecstatic states of being by using specific breathing technics.
  • Moving Beyond Resistance: Facilitating others' personal and spiritual growth
  • Active Meditations: opening the emotional-spiritual body
  • The connection of sexuality and spirituality in SkyDancing Tantra
  • Ethics & Integrity: working within healthy boundaries
  • The importance of “walking your talk”: The Who, How & What and of understanding we want to be Tantra Teachers.
  • How to structure a one day workshop.
  • How to choose and filter the people you want have in your workshops through interviews.

By completing Module 1, you will be able to present the material you learned in a confident and professional manner, and practice your new teaching skills with friends and clients in short sessions and introductory events.

Module 2

Awakening Energy and Dancing Group Dynamics


Module 2 - Awakening Energy & the Dance of Group Dynamics

(Friday 15 to 22 February 2019)

Cassidy Geppert & Mika Smith - TEL teachers in the USA

"We first learn the tools for intimacy, then we make love" - Margot Anand

Ecstatic, orgasmic energy is our life force. It expresses itself in many ways, and is not limited to the sexual context. The more we can organize our vitality and the flow of our Energies in our lives, the more creative and fulfilled we feel. Module 2 will deepen your skills to support your clients in liberating their Energy flows and to guide them towards a more joyful and vibrant lives. The content of Module 2 will cover: 

  • Experiential exploration of the chakras and subtle body anatomy
  • Yoga asanas for self-awareness, expanding the subtle body and energizing the chakras
  • The history of yoga asana in relationship to Classical Tantra and Sky Dancing Tantra
  • Breath work as a tool for accelerated personal growth
  • Awareness and transformation through movement and dance
  • The Mind and Heart of the Teacher: tools for creating trust, teaching methodology and teacher self-care
  •  Managing challenging group dynamics
  • Personal Processing: facilitating powerful individual growth in a group setting
  •  Inclusivity: Sky Dancing Tantra for  LGBTQA
  • Yin-Yang Game – organizing the expression of desires and limits – allowing self-letting go by being aware of one’s boundaries.

By completing Module 2, you will have a stable foundation for working with people in a safe environment to facilitate growth, letting go, and moving into new ways of being and relating with themselves and their loved ones.

Module 3

Receiving the Transmission of the Lineage


Module 3 - Receiving the Empowerment from the Lineage

(Saturday 18 to 25 May 2019)

Margot Anand & Jim Benson (Founder of SkyDancing - SkyDancing Teacher USA Institute)

"Tantric vision accepts everything. Everything that a person experiences or feels is an opportunity to learn, without judgment… In Tantra, there is no division between good or evil, between what is acceptable and what is not. Each and every situation, whether pleasant or not, is an opportunity to become more aware.” — Margot Anand

Module 3 is an invitation to dive more deeply into the heart of the SkyDancing Tantra experience, along with the practical skills to teach a number of core structures. Under the guidance of Margot Anand and Jim Benson, you will learn to lead three of the most powerful processes in the SkyDancing Tantra method: Pelvic Laughter, the Dynamic Streaming Process, and Riding the Tiger. Here’s more of what you will learn in Module 3: 

  •   The history and spiritual lineage of SkyDancing Tantra
  •   What is sacred sexuality?
  •   SkyDancing Tantra ethical standards
  •   How to work with assistants
  •   Organizing and choosing music
  •   Your voice as a leader
  •   Working with men and women separately
  •   Using ritual and the mystical tools 
  •   Learning and teaching Riding the Tiger
  •  Learning and teaching The Dynamic Streaming process
  •  Learning and teaching Pelvic Laughter
  •  Managing transference and countertransference (continued from previous modules)
  •  Meditation (continued from previous modules)
  •  Awakening to ecstasy and bliss

    By completing Modules 3, you will have been further introduced and initiated to  SkyDancing® Tantra lineage, by the founder and lineage holder Margot Anand. You will be ready for entering the second phase of the Teachers Training.

Module 4

Deepen the "SkyDancing Teacher's Toolbox"


Module 4 - Deepening your SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Toolkit

(Saturday 21 to 28 September 2019)

Laurence Heitzmann (Supervisor of Teachers Training and Director of SkyDancing International)
& Jim Benson (SkyDancing Tantra Teacher USA).

« Live dangerously, but do it intelligently. Yes, ecstasy is a jump into the unknown. Go where you have never been and trust your intuition. Simply put : choose the new over the old, take chances, explore ! » Margot Anand - Love, Sex and Awakening

During this module, you will deepen and intensify your experience as Tantra Teachers. You will reinforce your leading skills and discover new important parameters of what it means to lead groups. In the course of this week, you will learn :

  • How to reconnect to your Innocent Heart and teach out of it
  • How to work with complaints, problems and projections
  • How to recognize your shadow areas and to teach out of them.
  • How to move from Defense to Core State
  • How to teach the balancing of the inner man and inner woman
  • How to explain the masculine and feminine polarities and qualities.
  • How to communicate more authentically.
  • How to support people in recognizing their Upper Limits

At the end of this week, you will have improved your capacity to teach from an open heart and from your authenticity. You will have learnt to better balance your feminine and masculine inner polarities.

Module 5

The conscious and joyful teacher


Module 5 - The Conscious and Joyful Teacher

(Friday 14 to 21 February 2020)


Aïma Mercedes Andany (SkyDancing Tantra Certified Teacher - Facilitator of SkyMen/SkyWomen
Fernando Manrique (SkyDancing Tantra Certified Teacher and LET teacher  

“There is only one transformation, only one revolution, and that revolution comes not by being concerned with your character, by your acts, by your doings, but being concerned with your BEING. Being is a positive phenomenon; once the being is alert, awake, conscious, suddenly darkness disappears – your being is of the nature of light.” Osho, Tantra, the Supreme Understanding

Module 5 focuses on two core Tantric elements related to ecstatic states: consciousness and non-duality. Merging the teachings and experiences of previous modules, you will experience and develop your own tools to expand your consciousness, and learn  how to create the frame for deep transformation resting on Being rather than Doing.

This module will include:

  • The relationship between energy and consciousness in practice
  • Exploring the non-dual tantric attitude and Being
  • How to empower oneself and a group through grounding, centering, alignment and embodiment, creating the frame for ecstatic experiences, healing, presence, focusing and self-regulation
  • Practices on awareness of boundaries, comfort zones and protective mind/body structures and how to consciously use them as tools for growth, expansion and reinforcement of participants’ inner safety
  • Practices on deep relaxation of mind and body for inner freedom, joy, peace and contentment
  • Sexual wisdom: how to guide the “Yoni and Vajra talk” structure allowing our sexual center to express itself;
  • Practices deepening the perception of the inner masculine & feminine essences 
  • Self-awareness as a teacher: where am I teaching from? Personal, professional and collective attitudes and intentions. 
  • Awareness of intention in choosing and guiding practices and adapting them to the group's needs, using the main active meditations as an example
  • Co-leadership: explore the challenges and beauty of shared leadership, their impact on group dynamics and how to use it consciously.

By the end of this week you will have improved your confidence, become more conscious of yourself as a teacher, and discovered the pleasure to teach from who you really are.

Module 6

The passionate and inspired teacher


Module 6 - The Passionate Inspired Teacher

(Saturday 4 to 11 July 2020)

Laurence Heitzmann and Laurent Lacoste - Supervisors of the Teachers Training - Directors of SkyDancing Tantra International

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” — William A.Ward

Dive deeper into the spiritual dimensions of SkyDancing Tantra. Inspire others to live their ecstatic essence, integrating spirituality into their daily lives. Learn what it takes to teach from a place of personal and professional integrity. The content of Module 6 will cover: 

  • Advanced SkyDancing Practices such as: The Fire Orgasm and the Chakra Wave: overcoming dualities through breath and presence
  • Creating Pujas and Structures: the art of designing and leading powerful group rituals
  • What is Tantric Massage – What is Kashmiri Massage
  • How to use Massage in your workshops for the purpose of awareness
  • The Spiritual Powers of Tantra: cultivating inner harmony and spiritual alignment through the practice of the wave (the Yabyum position). Understanding the precious teachings of the Yabyum.
  • How to support people in organizing their freedom within the form given by life. The principles of continuity in the relation and with life.
  • Schedule & Time Management: flowing within a structure and within your workshop.
  • Bring together the material from the previous Modules to design effective, transformative introductory weekend workshops
  • Importance of having a good timing for your structures and workshops and to globally stick to it.
  • Pros and cons of presenting live demos.

By completing Module 6, you will have mastered many theoretical and practical aspects of SkyDancing Tantra that you can share with others in a wide variety of settings. You will have a deep understanding of the SkyDancing Tantra method in your personal practice and professional environment, and be able to present powerful and transformational events with a broad foundation. After completing Module 6, you will be eligible for SkyDancing® Tantra Teacher certification which might be delivered to you by the Teachers’ Training Supervising Team. To maintain your license to practice as a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher, membership in good standing with a SkyDancing Tantra Institute is required.

The SkyDancing Tantra Certification Program

Currently we offer two levels of certification  : SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Level 1 or level 2. 

To become certified and be able to use the trademark “SkyDancing® Tantra” or make reference to “Margot Anand” in your offerings, requirements are:

Requirements for becoming a Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Level 1:

  • Participation in Cycles 1 to 6 of the Love & Ecstasy Training
  • Successful completion of the six modules of the Teacher Training.
  • Be an assistant in at least three week-end workshops led by Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers.
  • Having led at least three short events (evenings or 1 day workshops) as a Teacher in Training.
  • Receive the discretional accreditation from the board of supervisors of the Teachers Training and fulfill any eventual additional requirement that may be decided on a case by case basis.

Additional requirements for becoming a Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Level 2 :

  • Having fulfilled all requirements for becoming a Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teacher level 1.
  • Be an assistant in 6 cycles of the LET.
  • Having led at least three additional week-end workshops as a Teacher level 1.
  • Receive the discretional accreditation from the board of supervisors of the Teachers Training and fulfill any eventual additional requirement that may be decided on a case by case basis.

Derogations to those obligations may be allowed by the Board of Supervisors of the Teachers Training on a case by case basis at their sole and entire discretion.

Important information:

The last Teacher Training in Europe took place from September 24, 2018 to July 11, 2020 at the Hameau de l'étoile, near Montpellier, in the south of France.
There is no other Teacher Training scheduled to date. If you would like to be informed when the next training program is published, please contact us using the contact form on this website.

See you soon!
the SkyDancing team