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Ingrid - Deva Loka

Ingrid - Deva Loka

 Certified SkyDancing Tantra® Teacher

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Ingrid - Deva Loka felt a deep connection with nature and the elements since her childhood. Spiritual rituals fascinate her, open her heart and mind, giving her the feeling of being connected to something greater.

After studying physiotherapy at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the International School of Theater of Movement Jacques Lecocq, she chose the path of the Clown and deepened this universe for 20 years through the performing arts and art therapy. For her, art is a spiritual journey bringing consciousness, in play and the sacred.

She is trained in Watsu and various massage techniques and follows a personal path of 2 years at Sexual Grounding Therapy.

In 2011, she discovers SkyDancing Tantra and follows the Love & Ecstasy Training. She collaborates in the development of the SkyDancing course "Sky women”.

Although based in Belgium, she also offers courses in France.

With heart and passion, she likes to accompany people to connect to their power and vulnerability, to become aware of their capacity to create, to reinvent themselves, to support men and women to live the trust and authenticity of their "naked truth". For her, Tantra unites everything: nature, the elements, the body, the heart, the mind, energy, consciousness, joy, love, art, creativity, in the beauty of the ritual.

Practitioner and trainer in Tantric Massage, she is developing her Aqua Floating method: massage and aquatic tantra in hot water.

Deva Loka - the place where the divine spirit resides - is the soul name received by Margot Anand in 2018.


Upcoming events of Deva Loka:

Rituel d'été "Retour aux sources"
Date 6 Aug 2021 - 11 Aug 2021
Deva Loka

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Certified SkyDancing Tantra teachers have followed the Love & Ecstasy Training over 2 years as well as the SkyDancing Teacher Training over 2 more years. They have also been assistants of certified SkyDancing teachers on a regular basis.

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