These trainings are an opportunity to continue and deepen the path of Tantra among experienced practitioners. The SkyDancers Intensives provide those who have experienece with SkyDancing Tantra, or other recognised Tantra schools, an opportunity to deepen their search and intensify their engagement on the Path of Tantra. Each Intensive offers a unique programme and welcomes different teachers to discover various facets of the quest. 

SkyDancing with Margot

For the past few years, Margot Anand has been offering a unique experience through "SkyDancing with Margot". It is a carte blanche given each year by the Institute to the pioneer of Tantra in the West. If you have completed at least one week of SkyDancing training or have a similar experience with another Tantra school, we are pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to deepen the integration of Tantra into your daily life through the direct teachings of Margot Anand, founder of our SkyDancing lineage.

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June 5-10, 2023

at the Hameau de l'Etoile, Southern Frane

A unique opportunity to learn from the founder of SkyDancing Tantra

2023 is most likely going to be the last time Margot will be present to teach this program *


Margot, a pioneer of Tantra, will teach in her unique style. The style of a woman approaching 80 years old, who has been teaching for over 30 years around the world!

You will have the opportunity to work and share with Margot directly. We call it “HANGING OUT WITH MARGOT“… in the style it used to be when she visited Osho in India, and other spiritual teachers. You sit together, ask questions and discover new perspectives. And also delight in great stories, being with Margot and listening to her share her wisdom through words, satsangs and group feedbacks.
As for the SkyDancing Tantra practices, Margot will share the facilitation with her team, four certified teachers selected by her. There will be four sessions a day except for the free evenings. During these free evenings you will be given “home play” to explore the practices of your choice without being guided by anyone but yourself and the partner(s) you choose. Total daily group time will be between 8 to 10 hours per day.

"Come with a quiet mind, open to the unknown, to a new experience, without expectation. 
Get out of the mindset that wishes to tailor the experience to your expectations.
Be open to surprises, to the unknown."
- Margot



Each day will be devoted to different themes while leaving space for “hanging out with Margot”!  Some of the themes Margot would like to explore:  

  • SkyDancing Tantra as a mystical transmission : Go deeper into what SkyDancing Tantra is as a mystical practice and transmission

  • The Art of Sexual Magic : Explore the art of visualizing what you want to accomplish in your life, giving it form, manifesting it and planting the seed of this creation while cultivating blissful energy states

  • Healing rituals and meditaitons : Explore the art of creating healing rituals

  • Affirmations and channeling through the chakras : Practice opening the Inner Flute through meditations and energy work

  • Hanging out with Margot : Time for questions & answers and being together with Margot 

Margot and team

“Ecstasy is already within you.
Come to awaken to the luminous source of Bliss within.”

Margot Anand, Founder of SkyDancing Tantra

Practical information

This retreat is open to all, singles and couples.

Prerequisite: having completed at least one week of Tantra training with SkyDancing or another recognized tantra school or teacher

Dates & times: The retreat will begin on Monday June 5 at 11am and will end on Saturday June 10 at 1pm

Cost of the retreat: 1180€;  Early bird for the first 15 people : 950€ - SOLD OUT

Accommodation & meals: full board from 75€ to 160€ per day depending on the type of accommodation

Venue: Hameau de l’Etoile, 34380 Saint-Martin-de-Londres, France  

Registrations & Information: please fill out the pre-registration form below and the organizer will contact you.

Registration & information:
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