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Margot Anand

Margot Anand

Founder of SkyDancing Tantra

LET Facilitator



Biography :

French by birth, Margot Anand has a degree in psychology from the Sorbonne University in Paris. She trained in Gestalt, bioenergy, massage, meditation and yoga. After a spontaneous mystical awakening, she deepened her intuitive knowledge of Tantra by following the teachings of several spiritual masters in India, the USA and Europe.

Founder of the Skydancing Tantra method, Margot Anand has been developing and teaching the "Love and Ecstasy Training" (TEL) for over 25 years: a healing method to increase one's sexual and ecstatic potential.

Author of 5 fundamental books and a series of DVD films on Tantra, she has also created 7 Skydancing© Institutes around the world: French-speaking (France, Switzerland, Belgium), USA, Canada, Germany, England, Holland and Swiss-German.

Since 2007, Margot left the USA to settle in Bali, where she lives in a dream house by the sea. After a three year sabbatical, focused on inner search, she returns to France, having developed a new teaching in the field of Spiritual Ecstasy, the creative power and its manifestation.

With an exceptional life path, Margot now offers a teaching in which French spirit and humour, American efficiency and Indian mysticism are magnificently combined. She is recognized as a warm and passionate animator, capable of creating powerful spaces of transformation and imbued with the profound joy of existence. Meeting Margot Anand is an invaluable gift of conscience.

Upcoming events of Margot Anand:

Formation SkyDancing TEL 31 cycle 6
Date 11 Jun 2023 - 18 Jun 2023
TEL 29 Cycle 6 - Formation SkyDancing Tantra
MARGOT ANAND (?) & Pascal Savatier
The Golden Keys of Happiness - with Margot
18 Jul 2023 - 24 Jul 2023
The Golden Keys of Happiness
Margot Anand & Gopal

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Certified teachers (France, Belgium, French-speaking Switzerland) leading SkyDancing workshops

Certified SkyDancing Tantra teachers have followed the Love & Ecstasy Training over 2 years as well as the SkyDancing Teacher Training over 2 more years. They have also been assistants of certified SkyDancing teachers on a regular basis.

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