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Certified facilitators working in the French-speaking zone

Karine Ma Tara

 Karine Ma Tara

 Certified SkyDancing Tantra® Teacher




In 2007, her encounter with Skydancing Tantra® was a true revelation: the pleasure of feeling alive, the spiritual connection, a moment of ecstasy. Karine Ma Tara then continued with the SkyDancing Love & Ecstasy Training LET, as a participant, then as an assistant for 5 years. She receives her spiritual name Devi Ma Tara. Becoming a Skydancing Tantra® teacher is a natural outcome of this experience.

Naturopath and Gestalt Therapist, two themes are at the heart of her practice: how to regain physical and psychological well-being by connecting with our life forces and how to maintain a deep and peaceful relationship with ourselves and others, thanks to the awareness of our issues and our resources.

She is passionate about femininity in every sense of the word: Feminine sexual energy and its sacred representations (Mother Goddesses, Shakti, etc.), the power of the feminine and sacred sexuality.

Author of erotic short stories " Fille, Sex and Fun ", where she explores joyful sexuality and of a naturopathic book " Le syndrome prémenstruel, des solutions naturelles " published by Jouvence, the theme of the feminine in her sexual identity is always in the spotlight.
Karine Ma Tara lives in Paris.

Certified Teachers from the French-speaking area, qualified to lead SkyDancing Tantra Trainings


Certified Teachers from the French-speaking area qualified to lead the SkyDancing SkyMen / SkyWomen seminar


Certified teachers (France, Belgium, French-speaking Switzerland) leading SkyDancing workshops

Certified SkyDancing Tantra teachers have followed a 6-week individual training over 2 years (TEL: Training for Ecstasy and Love) as well as a teacher training (Teacher Training SkyDancing Tantra) also of 6 weeks over 2 years. They have also been assistants of certified SkyDancing teachers on a regular basis.