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The LET is is a Personal Training, a series of six week-long workshops (cycles).
The first three weeks represent Margot Anand's basic teaching. Some of its content, is presented in Margot Anand's book: The Art of Sexual Extasy.
The next three weeks are designed by certified SkyDancing® facilitators.

This two-year journey is a wonderful personal adventure, during which participants are introduced to the unique vision of SkyDancing® Tantra.

Who is this Training for ?

You are welcome to attend alone or with a partner. These trainings can enhance all areas of your life, including your love life. To receive the greatest benefit, we guide participants to develop a personal practice between sessions and integrate the teachings into their daily life.

Love and Ecstasy Training is for anyone wishing to deepen their Tantric knowledge, practice, and live a more joyful life.

It takes place in a wonderful and private environment near Montpellier, in the south of France.

Having followed an introduction workshop ( 2-3 day course ) led by one of our certified Skydancing® teachers


Cycle 1

The Joy of the Body


Cycle 1 - The Body Ecstatic & Sexual Healing

The purpose of this cycle is to lead us to discover and release physical tensions, emotional and psychological blocks that prevent us from loving our body and living our sensuality and pleasure. We will begin by freeing the first two chakras in order to support the energy flow freely throughout the body. The more our body releases tensions accumulated during our lives, the more it can relax and be a source of pleasure.

In this cycle, you will :

· Celebrate our energy with freshness and innocence and become aware that the source of pleasure lies primarily within ourselves
· Learn to love and accept our body, awaken our inner lover
· Explore the art of tantric massage and gentle and respectful touch
· Learn the healing rituals of the Yoni and the Vajra - the sexual organs of women and men
· Enjoy and celebrate sacred rituals that honor and expand male and female energies
· Learn the art of preparing a tantric temple and the ritual of "sacred space"
· Discover the 3 Keys to sexual ecstasy: breath, movement and sound.

Cycle 2

The Joy of the Heart


Cycle 2 -  Love & Orgasm

In this cycle we will cover one of the pearls of SkyDancing Tantra: The "Multi Orgasmic Response: MORE". Following the healing of the pelvic floor in the previous cycle, the MORE session will help the energy to flow through the inner flute, fully and consciously opening ourselves to pleasure and sexual energy.

SkyDancing Tantra teaches the celebration of love and life. The other is a mirror and a door to our own evolution. In the context of relating with the other, we deepen the art of feeling and finding the right distance that allows for the truest connection.

You will learn to:
· Open your heart to the other through genuine and profound communication, creating an environment of trust
· Discover and harmonize your inner woman and inner man (Yin and Yang)
· Develop your awareness of the inner flute and the seven charkas
· Relax in high states of arousal, opening your body to the possibility of a full body orgasm and of expanded levels of orgasmic pleasure
· Explore ways of channeling sexual energy to the heart and creating a loving circle of energy with your partner.

Cycle 3

The Joy of the Spirit
Meditation - Ecstasy


Cycle 3 - From Sexual Passion to Spiritual Ecstasy

When the vital energy is awakened and flows freely, it is possible to melt into the silence of meditation. The energy of the first chakra is the energy of fire, which when released, will feed all other chakras and open the path to spiritual transformation.

The “Wave of Bliss" is an advanced practice of SkyDancing Tantra that teaches how, during the union of Shiva and Shakti in the Yabyum position, the ascension and the refinement of the sexual energy can be used for the expansion of consciousness.
The wave of Bliss is the union of consciousness and energy.

In this cycle you will:
· Experience the ascending “wave of bliss”
· Channel the vital energy through the chakras to open the inner flute
· Learn to contain energy, opening to the expansion of consciousness
· Learn to relax in meditation with a partner, experiencing a fusion of energies
· Discover the healing power of the Vajrasattva mantra which is also called the «100-Syllable Mantra» in the Tibetan tantric tradition.

Practical Information

Prerequisite:  To have followed an initiation (2/3 days course) facilitated by one of our SkyDancing teachers.

Location: near Montpellier (South of France)

Schedule: Each cycle starts at 11am on the first day and ends around 1pm on the last day.

Tuition fees 2023:
For a commitment to 6 cycles: 850 € per cycle (950 € from TEL 34)
For a commitment to 3 cycles: 990 € per cycle (1100 € from TEL 34)
For a commitment to 1 cycle: 1 090 € (1220 € from TEL 34)

Registration :
1°) send the registration form (below)
2°) if your request is validated, you will have to reserve your place by paying a deposit of 30 %:
250 € for 6 cycles - 300 € for 3 cycles - 330 € for 1 cycle

In case of withdrawal:
The LET training is a long term program and no new person can start during the course. As a reminder, if you were to withdraw, which is your right, your place could not be re-allocated.

If you withdraw before a cycle:
- up to 60 days before, your deposit would be refunded in full,
- less than 60 days before and up to 30 days before, the deposit would be kept in full,
- less than 30 days before, the cycle would be due in full,
Each cycle started is due in full.

In case you would decide to stop the LET after the beginning of a cycle or at any time of the course for which you are enrolled in case of commitment on 3 or 6 cycles, a compensation of 200 € will be charged in addition (the cycles following your date of withdrawal will not be charged).

In the case of cancellation from us, you would be offered either a full refund of your deposit, or its postponement to another cycle.

Accommodation :
Full board between 70 € and 160 € per person per day (2023 rates)

A certificate will be issued at the end of the 6 cycles.

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