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Certified facilitators working in the French-speaking zone

Mercedes AndanyAïma (Mercedes Andany)

Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teacher

Sky Women Facilitator



 Biography : 

Aïma is a psycho-corporal therapist with 25 years of practice. With a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from York University (UK), she taught meditation for 10 years in England, India and Brazil. After the birth of her two children, she turned to a more corporal approach: how to express our luminous Being through our body and in our daily life?

She is certified in Naturopathy, in the Armour Liberation Method® and in the Psychology of the Jung Depths.

Aïma is a certified Teacher Skydancing Tantra®.

Mercedes practices in Geneva and Barcelona, leading workshops and individual meetings. For her, Tantra is the cornerstone of all current methods of self-realization, as it unites body, mind and Being, nurturing joy and celebrating Life.

Next events :

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Aima Andany et Thomas Kohlbrenner
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Cycle 1 - Formation SkyDancing Tantra
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Certified Teachers from the French-speaking area, qualified to lead SkyDancing Tantra Trainings


Certified Teachers from the French-speaking area qualified to lead the SkyDancing SkyMen / SkyWomen seminar


Certified teachers (France, Belgium, French-speaking Switzerland) leading SkyDancing workshops

Those SkyDancing Tantra teachers have been successfully certified at the end of a 6-week "Teacher Training SkyDancing Tantra" and have assisted experienced teachers for at least 6 LET weeks.