Men and Women groups


The SkyDancing Tantra MEN-WOMEN Program

This program proposes to explore in a new way the essence of being a man or a woman. It is a unique journey, allowing an in-depth exploration of the needs and possibilities of each gender. It is a space to share regenerating experiences and to highlight the extreme potential of men's and women's retreats.

In a caring, intimate and joyful atmosphere, you are invited to lay down your desires, your weapons and your wounds. It is about going deeper, to better understand what is at stake behind our lives as men and as women and in our relationships. It is possible to free oneself from rivalries, resentments and limiting visions, to establish a relationship that is nourishing and alive. In this peaceful experience, our differences are no longer seen as obstacles but as opportunities. A feeling of freedom and a beautiful vitality can therefore blossom.

Inspired by years of experience in SkyDancing Tantra, this program is complementary and of equivalent level to the Love & Ecstatsy Training. The approach revolves around two aspects that often arise for both men and women: sexuality and encounter.

- Sexuality for men and sexuality for women
- The meeting with the others, men or women, the meeting with oneself.

It is about going deeper into these questions which arise for all of us, in our lives as women, men, mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, lovers, colleagues... Whatever our situation, our choices, our particularities, our difficulties, this is an opportunity for an intense experience of intimacy with the other, with the self and the world. 

In this program, there is no male or female model, no particular quality to have, to acquire. It is a question of rediscovering the radiance of our deepest being beyond stories, roles and wounds.

The program consists of two modules: a module dedicated to sexuality, approached with the vision and practices of tantra and a module dedicated to the magic of the encounter.

The SkyDancing Men's - Women's programme offers three different courses:

  • SkyWomen - An in-depth exploration of feminine sexuality in the spirit of Tantra

  • SkyMen - An in-depth exploration to find your path as Man

  • SkyMen/SkyWomen - The great union

You can participate in these modules in any order you wish. They are complementary and form a whole. This program is a particularly rich experience for couples!


Led by
Aïma Andany
& Deva Alaya

SkyWomen: An in-depth exploration of feminine sexuality in the spirit of Tantra

To go deeper into the exploration of female sexuality... to become the New Woman who unites in her body her sexuality and spirituality. A seven day immersion between women.




Led by
Pierre Darroux
& Johann Azuelos

SkyMen: courage and peace in the heart of Men

A Tantra for men: love, courage, freedom.
A gift of brotherhood and benevolence to find one’s path as a Man.
An immersive 7 days retreat among men.



The Great Union

Led by
Bodhi Sambhava
& Pierre Darroux


Tantra for Men & Tantra for Women

During the first 5 days, men and women walk in parallel in two distinct groups focusing on the issues inherent to their gender, followed by 2 days of Ritual where they meet each other to share a unique and healing experience.