Tantra & Sacred Eros workshop

Avec Deva Alaya & Johann Azuelos
Tantra & Sacred Eros workshop
Deva Alaya & Johann Azuelos
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22.06.2023 - 25.06.2023
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Belgique - 1340 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve 
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"Desire, Pleasure, Spirituality"

Facilitators Deva Alaya Johann Azuelos SkyDancing® Tantra certified facilitators.
Residential or semi-residential workshop: Ottignies (1340) – Belgium

Open to singles and couples, beginners are welcome...

The Erotic pulsation is an expression of our soul and the source of the Spirit.
Erotic energy is life-force energy, sacred and innocent, powerful and magnificent and it unfolds our personal and relational richness.
Pleasure is not a barrier to spiritual growth, it is a door onto spirituality itself and a source of healing. Eros reveals itself as the engagement with the unknown, with curiosity and playfulness.
Depth and lightness can than dance together in the space of « sacred intimacy ».

When we acknowledge our body, our mind is more clear and relaxed. The bringing together both body and spirit turns into a creative playground opening up to the surprising flavor of the upcoming moment. In a space where relaxation is available, our heart can sing free and open.

The aim of this workshop is to offer a safe space to support participants in exploring different dimensions of love and particularly the one of sacred sexuality in order to find a more creative and joyful relationship with oneself, the other and the whole.

The subjects of the workshop will be :

  • Pleasure as source of desire, desire as source of pleasure
  • How to reclaim one’s own personal path of pleasure
  • How to awaken, cultivate and spread sexual energy within the body
  • The intersection between sexuality and spirit
  • How to free your body and heart
  • How to regulate your nervous system, deepen your sense of boundaries and how to clear communicate them
  • The Wheel of consent
  • The capacity and power to express your own uniqueness
  • Learn to touch and to be touched
  • Exploration of light and shadows
  • Pleasure Anatomy
  • The difference between orgasm, multi orgasm, ecstasy
  • Pleasure and intimate massage
  • Meditations, Tantric Rituals and Contemplations

One of the aim of our workshop is to support participants in the awakening of sexual energy meant as life-force energy, we remind that does not include any sexual intercourse in the group room.
We will offer a space for safety, respect and self-kindness where transforming experiences may unfold. The Tantric path is not about philosophy or intellectual approach, it is based on the experience in the moment.

Practical information :

Previous to enrollment an interview is requested for all participants.

Dates and schedule : from Thursday June the 22nd at 10.00 am to Sunday the 25th at 5.00 pm.
4 days workshop from the morning to the end of afternoon including one evening practice on Saturday.
Languages : the workshop will be offered in French with English translation
Fee : 390€ for the 4 days. (a down payment of 200€ will be requested to confirm your place)
Venue : « Résonnances » - 1340 Ottignies – Belgium
Accommodation : the venue offers a few possibilities for accommodation, otherwise there will be airbnb possibilities nearby, For participants living in Belgium, not far from the location, it is possible to sleep at their own place. All information will be given at registration.
Meals : 100€ which covers all meals except Thursday and Friday night dinners.

Course validated as a prerequisite for the Skydancing®Tantra Advanced Training and Courses.

Location information

Belgique - 1340 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

1340 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

Niché à la lisière du Bois des Rêves, "Résonances" offre un espace au cœur de la nature, accessible facilement à pied et en voiture, disponible à la location pour tou·te·s. La salle circulaire dispose de sa cuisine indépendante et d’une grande salle à manger : le tout avec une vue merveilleuse sur le bois et le potager partagé !