Sky Women


Module 1  - SkyWomen: An in-depth exploration of feminine sexuality in the spirit of Tantra         


To go deeper into the exploration of feminine sexuality... to plunge into the deep waters of the secret temple of our Femininity.

Without prejudices, expectations or constraints: open to the adventure of feeling our mystery body, open to the joyful and free power of Nature that vibrates within us. In laughter, lightness, innocence and delicacy, visit the inexhaustible depth of our pleasure.

With courage, questioning our taboos, our armouring, our beliefs and what can hurt or hold back our capacity for enjoyment. Transform our wounds into consciousness, our consciousness into joy, integrating the strength of our shadows, and transforming our inner tyrant into a loving companion. To enter into true speaking and loving listening among women who are on the move, vulnerable, sensitive and courageous. To take time for communion with Nature and recognize in Her the expression of the Ancient Goddess. To immerse the roots of our sexuality in the light of our Being: to become the New Woman who unites in her body her sexuality and her spirituality.

Sky Women

October 12-19, 2021

Led by
Aïma Andany
& Deborah Sundahl


This retreat is practice-oriented. The tools that we propose include an intimate knowledge of the body, and in particular the exploration of the G-spot, massage, meditation, listening to the Unconscious according to the Jungian approach, speech, dance, psycho-corporal work to release the armour, contact with Nature, and deep relaxation. The facilitating team provides a solid and caring environment where each woman is supported in her unique journey, in the respect and freedom of her personal exploration.

  • Explore among women the inexhaustible depth of our pleasure
  • Release with tenderness and experience the waters of our Feminine Fountain
  • Access the powers of our Shadow
  • Dance with our Inner Lover, radiating the wholeness of our Femininity
  • Commune with Nature to meet the Goddess within
  • Embody the new archetype of the Black Virgin, the New Wowman, uniting her sexuality and spirituality, healing age-old wounds and opening to Cosmic Ecstasy.


SkyF Aïma 1For more than 25 years, Aïma Andany, a certified SkyDancing Tantra® teacher, has been weaving the ways of the Body, the Psyche and the Being to arrive to Tantra. She puts her depth, enthusiasm and joy at the service of women.


SkyF Deborah 1Deborah Sundahl, well known American sex educator, is a foremost pioneer and expert on female sexuality. She is the author of "Female Ejaculation and the G-spot" and has been a spokesperson for female sexuality and an advocate for sex education for more than 35 years.

Pratical information

Prerequisite: An introductory 2-3 day workshop to Tantra, either mixed or among women, or an equivalent work on female sexuality. In the registration process, you may be contacted by one of our teachers to discuss whether this program is a good fit for you. 

Dates: Tuesday, October 12 (15:00) - Tuesday, October 19 (13:00), 2021

Venue: Domaine de Marseille - proche de Carcassonne (Cathar country)

Language: This retreat is taught in English and French.

Workshop fee: 990€ (900€ for those who register for the 2 modules of the Men-Women Program)

Accommodation and meals: 65€ per day in shared accomodation with delicious organic meals!

Registration: This program is offered by the Skydancers association. Please fill out the pre-registration form below and we will get back to you.

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