Sky Women


SkyWomen: An in-depth exploration of feminine sexuality in the spirit of Tantra    

led by Aïma Andany & Sananda

May 24-31, 2023

in Provence, South France 

To dive into the deep waters of the secret temple of your femininity…

A 7-day immersion for an in-depth exploration of feminine sexuality.

This retreat dedicated to Feminine Sexuality offers a unique concept: the synergy between the Body and the Unconscious. Indeed, these two powerful Guides can accompany us towards the liberation of our Sexuality at all levels.

The sensory encounter of our Yoni, in a simple and delicate spirit, teaches us the forgotten language of Femininity. By exploring the "G-spot" or female prostate, we discover female ejaculation and a universe of feelings related to pleasure, love and femininity.

In order for our body to speak to us in this way, and for us to be open to its messages and to the liberation they offer us, we will approach the hidden resistances within us, and the indoctrinations that imprison our sexual enjoyment.

Indeed, the Unconscious acts in us independently of our Consciousness, and is its basis and origin. According to Carl Jung's approach, we can befriend this vast Inner World and make it our ally. During this workshop we will experience the dialogue with different archetypes of transformation: our Shadow, our Masculine, and the Self. This dialogue with the Inner World can be a constant support to our growth. Wonder is the nature of this journey.

Thus our Body guides us through the primordial wisdom of the Instinct, and our Inner World helps us step out of the collective programming and open a new path to natural joy and health. Together these two Masters open the door to more and more global orgasmic dimensions, and we regain sovereignty over our sexuality and our life. 

During the SkyWomen retreat, come to :

  • With courage, question our taboos, our armour, our beliefs and what in us can hurt or hold back our capacity for enjoyment

  • Transform our wounds into consciousness, our consciousness into joy, by integrating the strength of our shadows

  • Enter into authentic speech and loving listening between women on their journey, vulnerable, sensitive and courageous 

  • Bring the roots of our sexuality into the light of our Being to become the New Woman who unites in her body her sexuality and her spirituality

This retreat is oriented towards practice. Massage, meditation, speech, dance, body-mind work to liberate the armoring, contact with Nature, and the power of ritual will be part of our experience.


Facilitators :

SkyF Aïma 1Aïma, a body-mind psychotherapist, has been weaving the paths of the Body, the Psyche and the Being for more than 25 years. Aïma is a certified SkyDancing Tantra teacher and is part of the SkyDancing Love & Ecstasy Training (LET) facilitation team. She is also trained in Jung’s Psychology, the de-Armoring Method, Naturapathy and teaching meditation. She brings her depth, enthusiasm and joy to the service of women.



SkyF Sananda photoSananda has been trained and certified by Deborah Sundahl to transmit her teachings concerning the G-spot and female ejaculation. Sananda is also a certified SkyDancing Tantra teacher, and is part of the SkyDancing Love & Ecstasy Training (LET) facilitation team. In addition, she has been working with women for the past 7 years, facilitating Yoni healing and pleasure workshops.



Place :

In the heart of the Jabron Valley, a few kilometers from Sisteron in southeastern France, a lovely rural property will be the ideal oasis to welcome this unique meeting in France. Surrounded by nature that will be in full spring bloom, with its inviting swimming pool, this place will be the cocoon of relaxation and beauty where each one will be able to unfold in her sexuality and its multiple dimensions.

Feedback from participants of this retreat :

"This seminar has been one of the most impactful for me. I experienced it as very complete due to their complementary, generous and mature approaches: Deborah’s is pragmatic, enthusiastic and action oriented, while Aima’s is deeply exploring the feminine mystery with its psychological and societal backgrounds, characterized by her open heart with which she accompanies the group of women. This workshop has been a significant step for me towards more openness, joy and my sovereignty as an ecstatic woman." - Alima

"The workshop is a deep process of reconnecting to oneself, to discover one's limits with creativity and gentleness, and to go beyond them. This transformation is possible thanks to the strength of the group and the restraint of the coaching team. Personally, it is an experience that I find indispensable to go to the meeting of oneself and one's feminine." - Nathalie

Pratical information

Prerequisite: An introductory 2-3 day workshop to Tantra, either mixed or among women, or an equivalent work on female sexuality. In the registration process, you may be contacted by one of our teachers to discuss whether this program is a good fit for you. 

For women who have already done a 2 or 3-day introductory workshop with Deborah, this retreat represents a deepening of her work. This retreat is also complementary to the LET and can accompany it as preparation, deepening, and integration. 

Dates & times: Wednesday May 24 (15:00) - Wednesday May 31 (13:00), 2023

Venue: Mas du Figuier - near Sisteron in Provence, South France

Language: This retreat is taught in English and French.

Workshop fee: 990€ (900€ for those who register for the 2 modules of the Men-Women Program)

Accommodation and meals: starting at 80€ per day in shared accomodation with delicious organic meals!

Registration: This program is offered by the Skydancers association. Please fill out the pre-registration form below and we will get back to you.

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This workshop is organized by the association Skydancers.
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