a tantric path...



« Courage and peace in the heart of Men »

led by Pierre Darroux & Johann Azuelos

April 12 to 19, 2025

in Le Hameau de l’Étoile (South of France, near Montpellier)


A Tantra for Men:

Love - Courage - Freedom

yabium transparent10 years ago, a group of male SkyDancers began researching the foundations of a Tantra dedicated to men. Thousands of hours of sharing and experiencing have given birth to a set of original proposals inspired as much by the ancient Tantras as by the words and needs of men today.

The retreat SkyMen is the second step in the proposals dedicated to men within the SkyDancingTantra Men/Women program. It forms a coherent whole with the retreat The Great Union which, ideally, is to experience first. Both retreats can be taken before or after the LET personal training, as the programs are independent but in complete synergy.

The practices proposed in SkyMen are unique experiences, prepared by men for men. It's about understanding how vitality gets birthed and unfolds within us. It's about seeing where and how we can at last find the joy of handling this human existence, of learning to live without enslaving our body, psychic and spiritual possibilities.

In this experience, there's nothing to perform or succeed at, because we're all already custodians of our abilities, of our vital human potential. The proposed journey works through revelations. Sometimes we're quite surprised, because it doesn't take us exactly where we would have imagined. But what emerges is so easy, so obvious, that we laugh at having waited so long to reveal it.

This men's path is above all an invitation to inner peace and freedom.

We propose singular moments during which we may tame the fierce gentleness within us. Find that fine presence, social and wild, that enables us to serve nobly in this world, leaving room for our simple joy and desires. And then open the doors to the sexuality we love, rather than the one we think we are supposed to have.
Sharing intimacy between men brings a deep physical sense of peacefulness, as if something is being established, a new foundation for peace. Meeting our shadow means reaching out to it and agreeing to transmute it. It's like diving into the depths of the oceans to find the gold.

Three main themes run through this week:

  • transforming our bodily and cultural heritage into aliveness resource,
  • opening up the full potential of a free male sexuality,
  • finding "our" way as a man with our heart at peace.

In this earthly journey, everything begins and ends with the body. That's why we regard men’s body as a temple, a sacred space. Our body is a marvelous vehicle for interacting with life, with the living. In the end, there is no other place we will inhabit in this life. It is through our body that our energy, our vitality, feelings, emotions, pleasures and pains are expressed.
We propose a path that invites us to take care of, expand and celebrate men’s body. 


tantra hommes nature


In our approach, every man is welcomed in all his diversity. His particularities and differences are his richness, what he brings to this world and holds as most precious... When we are able to feel and fully welcome this diversity within us, a beautiful men’s presence emerges that can seed the world.

Then the rivalry that often colors our lives as men simply fades away. It gives way to a natural, powerful and sensitive brotherhood. One that has always been there. One that brings people together. One that enables to accomplish great things.

As we approach the diversity of men and, ultimately, of all that is, humility arises within us, and we ourselves rise with it.

hommes tantra


For a man, the course of his life is often marked by models to which everyone is invited to conform. Models of fathers, bosses, heroes, brothers... And yet, we are more or less at ease in this field of constraints. And sometimes, what we really are is stifled behind roles and masks...

The difficulty of finding oneself fully as a man in our society in crisis and our patriarchal culture, gives rise to an underground form of « masculine unquietness ». Most men have built up their own postures, with regard to women, men and everything around them. A lot of power is at stake in their daily lives. When our days are made up of resignation and escape, there's no way out for an authentic man... That's why these meetings between men are unique and precious places. They offer rare secure spaces that are favorable to transformation, as symbolic "wombs" that would allow for a second birth.
In the climate of trust we propose, a rare intimacy can be shared. We learn to love our bodies; we love to learn from them. We clarify various aspects of our lives; we create a space where we can find ourselves, ressource ourselves, share and nourish brotherhood.


Pasma Sambhava Yabyum Tantra

Our aim is not to reinforce a masculine energy that would want to be unshakeable, strong and stable. This is nothing but an illusion, a chimera, that will invariably lead to competition, to the desire to perform and to rivalry between men. Our vision is to make peace with ourselves, our bodies and our hearts.
So, contrary to appearances, our work is not about gender. It's aimed at human beings who, in this incarnation, are seed-bearers. Whether this is clear or uncomfortable, all are welcome.

Each and all men who have come to share these experiences have taught us so much; they have left an imprint of their involvement, like a benevolent signature, a gift from man to man. We are forever honored and grateful to pass on their message. 



Pierre Darroux et Johann Azuelos animateurs tantra hommes

10 years ago, a group of male SkyDancers began researching the foundations of a Tantra dedicated to men. Thousands of hours of sharing and experiencing have given birth to a set of original proposals inspired as much by the ancient Tantras as by the words and needs of men today.

Our approach is both that of a human adventure and of an initiation. It is a way of orienting one's life path towards a form that is more true, lively and free.

Pierre Darroux has been accompanying and encouraging individuals and groups for many years. His transformative way of teaching is easy, accessible, effective and joyful. He is a certified SkyDancing Tantra teacher.

Johann Azuelos invites us to an art of living and being in the world, through a body that is aware of and curious about itself. His practice and teachings are intimately connected. Committed to this path and totally dedicated to it, he has been exploring « The Earth of Men » for many years. Johann is a certified SkyDancing Tantra teacher. 


Practical informations

Dates & times: April 12 to 19, 2025. We will start at 11am on the first day and will finish after lunch, around 2pm, on the last day.

Venue:  Le Hameau de l'Étoile, near Montpellier, in the South of France.

Tuition fee: 990 € (or 900€ for men who are also signing in for the other module of the Men/Women program of SkyDancing: The Great Union).

Full board accommodation: between 75 € and 160 € per day and per person (2024 fees).

Pre-requisite: We recommend that participants have followed at least an introductory week-end to SkyDancing Tantra (2-3 days workshop) or an equivalent workshop from another recognized Tantra school.
We recommend participants to start with the module The Great Union before attending SkyMen. Those two retreats are complementary and build a true step by step path for men. 
In any case, if we haven’t met yet, you will be proposed a interview by phone with one of the two facilitators to discuss whether this program can fit with your expectations and whether you feel ready for this adventure.

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