The Alchemy of Polarity: Tantra meets Sexual Grounding

Avec Deva Alaya
Deva Alaya
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26.06.2024 - 30.06.2024
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Belgique - 1000 Bruxelles 
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Workshop combining SkyDancing® Tantra
& Sexual Grounding Therapy® methods.

Facilitators: Deva Alaya, certified Skydancing Teacher and SGT® Therapist
and Bruno Manser invited Practitioner of applied SGT®, Phaemo®-therapist.

Non-residential workshop in Brussels. It will be offered in English.

The aim of this workshop is to experience Tantric practices while exploring unconscious patterns from childhood around sexuality and relationship.
Bringing awareness to these unconscious patters is a way of integrating and releasing them, allowing us to fully enjoy Tantric ecstatic experiences.

This workshop is for people who:

- are interested in making a first step into the fields of Tantra and SGT® - already know Tantra and are interested in SGT®
- already know SGT® and are interested in Tantra
- are interested in an embodied spiritual path

- are interested in how to bring more aliveness and awareness into their body
- are interested in discovering how to integrate sexuality, heart connection and meditation - are interested in finding sexual authenticity and freedom
- wish to reprogram their basic pattern about sexuality and relationships
- wish to learn how to regulate themselves as mature sexual beings
- wish to learn how to find deep grounding in their sexuality as the source for love, stability and happiness in life

SkyDancing® Tantra

In the Tantra practices you will be offered a space for meditation and energetic practices where sexual energy, being the foundation of our existence, can be channelled through the whole body.
Thus, it can reveal itself as a gateway to the experience of non-separation between human embodied life and the spiritual dimension where we are all One, meaning that we are material substance, individuality and spiritual wholeness (from personal to transpersonal).

You will be navigating through breath, movement, stillness, sound and silence to stretch and expand your body sensations and emotions and what you consider ultimately your own personality.
You will discover how to channel sexual energy to your heart and then up to the higher chakras and combine sexual energy and meditation.

Sexual Grounding Therapy® (SGT)

SGT® is an effective form of psychological self-development rooted in body-psychotherapy in a group format. It was developed in the early 1990 by Willem Propellers and it is based on his approach to systemic, body-oriented depth psychology and sexual therapy around sexuality and relationships. It is based on a model of development and maturation spanning an individual’s life from birth to death. SGT® provides a framework for realizing how being born into the world of our parents’ relationship and cultural context affects the natural flow of our sexual energy.It supports participants to achieve freedom from isolating projections and life-script, to regulate and harmonize an inner and outer flow of sexual energy, to harmonize sexuality and relationship, to connect genitals and heart and to feel supported by parents and ancestors.

This is done in a kind of constellation work where two participants in the roles of supporting and loving parents help a participant in the role of the child to experience their natural innocence, excitement and curiosity. Participants also experience on a physical level how to move from a dependent child-state onto a self-regulated, sexually non-dependent adult and into a fulfilling relational love life. Psycho-drama, body therapies and specific SGT® practices offer the tools for the experience.

Practical information:
Brussels BE - non residential
Dates: June 26th to 30th, 2024: wednesday at 2.30 pm to sunday 1pm
Fee: 650 € -
A deposit of €325 is required 

Limited spaces available / An Interview is requested before enrollement.
Course validated as a prerequisite for Love & Ecstasy Training (TEL) and the SkyDancing Tantra Men/Women Program.

Location information

Belgique - 1000 Bruxelles


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