Sacred Eros: "Pleasure, Desirs, Spirituality"

Avec Deva Alaya & Johann Azuelos
Sacred Eros:
Deva Alaya & Johann Azuelos
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24.07.2024 - 28.07.2024
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France - 24140 Montagnac La Crempse "La Joie du Silence" 
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"Pleasure, Desirs, Spirituality"

A 4 days and half workshop facilitated Deva AlayaJohann Azuelos  certified SkyDancing® Tantra teachers.
Residential workshop in the heart of the Dordogne (24) in a privileged location : "La Joie du Silence".

This workshop is open to everybody called by this Path : beginners, experienced, singles, couples and all genders.
An interview before enrollment is required.

The erotic pulsation is an expression of our soul and the source of the spirit, it is part of our personal and relational treasures. Erotic energy is life-force energy, sacred and innocent, powerful and magnificent. Pleasure is not a barrier to spiritual growth, but it is a door onto spirituality and a path for healing.
Eros is our engagement with the unknown and with curiosity which may include playfulness, sensorial experiences, creativity, light and shadows.
Depth and lightness will be dancing together offering a space of sacred intimacy.

You will feel more embodied, with a more clear and quieter mind and with a more open heart. Taboos and limiting beliefs can be replaced by curiosity and imagination and regained joy will give space to more compassion for one self and the other.
You will experience the intersection between Eros and Spirit, between Pleasure and Meditation.

The subjects of the workshops will be the following :

  • Meditations, Tantric Rituals and Contemplation
  • Pleasure source of Desire, Desire source of Pleasure
  • Reclaiming your own pleasure path
  • Awakening, intensify and spread Sexual Energie
  • Free your body, free your heart
  • How to regulate your nervous system and deepening your sense of safety through clear boundaries
  • The Wheel of Consent
  • The power of expressing your own uniqueness
  • Learn how to touch and how to be touched
  • Exploration of Light and Shadows
  • Pleasure Anatomy
  • Pleasure and Intimate massage
  • Orgasm, multi orgasm, full body orgasm
  • Ecstasy

During our workshops we practice how to awaken our sexual energy as our primal life energy but no sexual intercourse is allowed during the practices.
We will offer a space for security and respect of your own rhythm and self-kindness : nothing is mandatory and all practices are propositions.
Tantra is not about theory but about experience in consciousness, you are very much welcome in a space of potential transformation.

Pratiacal informations :

A preliminary interview with one of our facitators is required for all registrations.

Dates and times: Wednesday, July 24 (6pm) to Sunday, July 28 (5pm), 2024
Languages: the course will be run in French and simultaneously translated into English.
Course fee: 450 euros per person (a deposit of 200€ is required to confirm your registration)
Location: "La joie du silence" (The joy of silence) - 24140 Montagnac La Crempse
Full-board accommodation: Couples rooms. - Shared rooms - outdoor camping (bring your own equipment) at the single rate of 65€/pers/day.
Included: 60-square-meter swimming pool and log cabin sauna with panoramic view of the forest.

Validated as a prerequisite for Skydancing® Tantra advanced training and course.

Location information

France - 24140 Montagnac La Crempse "La Joie du Silence"

Les Meygnauds
24140 Montagnac La Crempse

Au cœur de la Dordogne, sud de la France.

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