Aqua-Tantric Vacation !

Avec Bodhi Sambhava & Johann Azuelos
Aqua-Tantric Vacation ! in Toscany (Italy)
Bodhi Sambhava & Johann Azuelos
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15.07.2024 - 21.07.2024
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Italie - Toscane : Sasseta Alta  
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in Tuscany (Italy)

Led by Bodhi Sambhava & Johann Azuelos both certified SkyDancing® Tantra teachers and co-founders of the Aqua-Tantra method.

Advanced course, open to all, alone or as a couple

These Aqua-Tantric vacations are the fruit of a rich and varied experience.
They are offered to you as an exceptional event.
This course is open to all: couples & singles having a prerequisite in Tantra or body practices & personal development.

Our Aqua-Tantra seminars take place both on land and in the water, offering a gentle, relaxing, sensual and new approach. They are an opportunity to discover new aspects of ourselves in an atmosphere of trust, security, respect, gentleness and warmth, guided by professional and experienced facilitators.

Seminar objectives

Explore the five elements within you and become the alchemist of your transformation!

In the heart of summer, in the Italian Tuscan countryside, 7 days to experience the alchemy of transformation through tantra in a joyful and profound spirit where relaxation, vitality and awareness will make this vacation unique and unforgettable.

A perfect place to connect with the EARTH through a preserved environment.
Dive consciously into WATER to amplify the magic it carries: fluidity, softness, sensuality, through aquatic practices inspired by Watsu & Healing Dance and enhanced by Aqua-Tantra.
Explore powerful Tantric rituals through the breath that connects us to AIR.
Deep down, invite the sacred FIRE that animates and purifies us.
And become more aware of the ETHER - the interface present in all things, which contains everything and from which everything flows.

Whether you want to experience pleasure or bliss, for both, your body system must become willing and available.
Whether it's our planet, the individual human body or the larger cosmic body, they are essentially made up of five elements - earth, water, fire, air and ether.

Big things are made of little things that are interconnected. "When matter organizes itself with high enough levels of organization, the system that organized this entity can become self-aware" - Nassim Haramein

On the program, we plan to savor, feel, laugh, celebrate, let go, meet ourselves and others off the beaten track in an innovative and free way!
So we're committed to enjoying the surroundings, nature, a sumptuous vacation space, Italian cuisine just like at home, and why not add a visit to the famous Saturnia hot springs?

Our time will be shared between :

  • Learn to connect with our bodie and treat them with respect, recognizing it as our true temple and activating its self-healing potential.
  • Becoming aware of our own place in the world, our limits, the elements that make it up and our boundaries, through the interactive experience of the body inside and outside. The warm water will amplify our self-awareness.
  • Explore aspects of each element and how they relate through the body.
  • Explore "outer" polarity and its manifestation through aspects of gender, relationships and contact with the elements.
  • Experience and rediscover a natural flow and deep connection with ourselves through various practices, such as anchoring, verticality, centering, focus and self-regulation.
  • Consciously develop the sensations of flow, observe the movement of emotions, feel the coming and going of life within ourselves, like a breath, in relation to daily life.
  • Consciously reunite all our aspects within ourselves, bringing what is separate back to the center to connect with the outside! And, starting from the observation of balance or imbalance, move towards unity.
  • Relax, wonder, question, rediscover, renew, love, celebrate, savour!

During this week we'll bring more awareness to the alchemy of the elements within us. Each day we'll visit a different element.

These Aqua-Tantric vacations are the fruit of a rich and varied journey.
They are offered to you as an exceptional event !


Location: Sasseta Alta, Tosacana, Italy.
Accommodation to be booked directly at:

Dates and times: Monday, July 15 at 11:00 a.m. sharp to Sunday, July 21, 2024 around 3:00 p.m.
Welcome from 9 a.m. to settle all administrative formalities and take possession of your rooms (we recommend that you arrive the day before so as to be rested and available for the start of the seminar).

Languages: The seminar will be conducted in French and simultaneously translated into English.

Course fee: 690 euros - Your registration for this course will be confirmed on receipt of a deposit of 200€.
Full accommodation rate: in a couple's, shared or single room from €100 to €150 per day per person. Limited number of places.
Meals: fresh, organic and local ingredients. Snacks will be offered during breaks.

A telephone interview will be requested for people we don't know yet.

Course validated as a prerequisite for the Personal Training (LET) and the SkyDancing Tantra Men/Women Program.

Location information

Italie - Toscane : Sasseta Alta


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