Aqua Tantra: "The dance of Connection"

Avec Bodhi Sambhava & Laurent Lacoste
Aqua Tantra: La Danse du lien
Bodhi Sambhava & Laurent Lacoste
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03.04.2024 - 07.04.2024
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Italie - Toscane : Sasseta Alta  
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April 3 to 7, 2024

Facilitators: Bodhi Sambhava creator of Aqua Tantra, and Laurent Lacoste, director of Skydancing International: both are certified SkyDancing® Tantra teachers.

A wave between earth and water. Water as a mirror of the self.
Water as a metaphor for the fluidity, without which relationships run out of steam.
Earth as an anchor, an inner security from which the link with the other becomes simple and joyful.

This course is for people in long-term relationships, whatever their sexual or romantic preference.

Modern life creates mental, emotional and physical tensions. It consumes our vital energy and may makes us unhappy.  We can also lose our natural, ecstatic flow, disconnected from ourselves, the people around us, our life and the world.

How can we reconnect with our 'inner fire'?
How can we once again embody who we really are?
How can we become more fluid and regain our radiance in everyday life?
Aqua Tantra may be the answer!

Aqua Tantra is a holistic approach to the questions of life and existence, using aquatic techniques, tantric practices - Skydancing Tantra, and more.
Through tantra, the body, breathing and other energetic practices in water and on land, we can become aware of who we really are.

We reconnect with our body and our cellular memories, embodying our original fluidity and our ability to let go. We consciously awaken our vital energy, connecting with it, transforming and harmonising the physical, sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being. We find and reactivate our strength, stability and natural flow, activating our own ecstatic potential and inner harmony.

Aqua Tantra opens the way to a fulfilling life, to a conscious relationship with your loved one, others and the world, helping you to find your own answers in your daily life.

Who is this seminar for?
This AquaTantra seminar is for couples only.
We maintain a gradual, relaxing and sensory approach on land and in the water, supervised by professionals in an atmosphere of trust, safety, respect, gentleness and warmth.

Practical information:
Date and time: Wednesday April 3 at 3.00 pm , welcome from 1.00 pm - to Sunday April 7, 2024 around 3.00 pm.
Sasseta Alta guest house, Scansano (GR) in Tuscany, Italy
Languages: The seminar will be in French/English and translated into Italian if necessary.
Price of the course: Price for a couple 840 € ( 420 € per person )
Registration with a deposit of 250 € per couple - by bank transfer or french cheque (not cashed before the course). 
The deposit will be retained if you withdraw after 1 February 2024.
Price of accommodation: from €105 to €125 per day, per person, full board depending on the type of room.
Accommodation should be booked directly at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Validated as a prerequisite for Skydancing®Tantra advanced training courses.
For people we don't know yet, a phone interview will be requested.


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Italie - Toscane : Sasseta Alta


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