Roots of a healthy relationship

Avec Anando & Mariama
Roots of a healthy relationship
Anando & Mariama
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02.10.2022 18:00




 7 workshops of 2 hours, once a month  

Leaders: Mariama et Anando, certified SkyDancing® Tantra teachers.

On Sundays, once a month. 

Invitation to explore the 7 steps of a healthy relationship in a secure and loving environment. 
You will experiment and use different tools to enrich your relationship…... 

First session: Open communication
Sunday, October 2, 2022 from 6 pm to 8 pm (Paris time)
Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, practice total listening and clear assumptions / projections.

1- Open communication:  October 2
Communication is the key for a healthy relationship,
Practice whole listening and clear assumptions/projections.

2- Boundaries: November 6
3- Connection:  December 4
4-Trust:  January 8
5- Space:  February 5
6- Playfulness :  March 5
7- Intimacy:  April 2

Practical informations:

- Price: 45 € per couple and per session ( please contact us if you have any financial difficulties ).
Payment should be made by bank transfer or PayPal.

- From  6 pm to 8 pm Paris time.

- Each workshop is independent of the other, you can register for the one or more sessions.  

- For technical reasons, we ask you to connect yourself each time at the same place.

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