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 SkyDancing Tantra Wave
Amy Kebernik
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11.06.2022 18:00





on Saturday, June 11, 2022 

Presented by Amy Kebernik: certifyed SkydDancing Teacher USA

Virtual Practice for FREE to EVERYONE
Whether you are discovering Tantra for the first time or are already on this path, everyone is welcome.

Embrace and share your most authentic self while reclaiming your power and ability to freely feel, choose, express, act... beyond the masks, roles, labels, conditioning.

Cultivate deep personal insights and create heart connections with others, in a fun and powerfully transformative container. 

Bring more awareness and bliss into your daily life. With regular practice, strengthen your tools of Tantra. 


Coming for the first time?
Please meet 1/2 hour before the meditation for an orientation:
8:30 AM PDT,  11:30 AM EST,  17:30 (Paris).

Meditation: 1.5h
9:00-10:30 AM PDT
12:00-2:30 PM EDT
18h00-19h30 Paris

1 hour Free time: (breakfast, shower, integration, meet in the Lounge, something nurturing)

Tantric Practice: 2h
11:30 AM -1:30 PM PDT
2:30-4:30 PM EDT
20h30-22h30 Paris

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Entrance is FREE, you just need to PRE-REGISTER to have access to the Temple.

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