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Margot Anand



French origins, Margot Anand studied psychology at the Sorbonne University, Paris. She then trained in Gestalt, Hindu and Buddhist Tantra (having studied with several spiritual masters in India and Australia), Bio-energetics, Massage, Meditation and Yoga.

Founder of the Skydancing Tantra method, Margot Anand developed and has taught “The Love & Ecstasy Training” LET for more than 20 years; a healing method which increases the Sexual and Ecstatic potential.

Author of 4 fundamental books on Tantra, she has also created 7 Skydancing Institutes throughout the world.

She currently lives in Bali, transmitting through her teaching, to groups and individuals, her passion for Tantra.


Laurence Heitzmann


Laurence is a mind-body therapist and a workshop leader. She is a member of the French Society for Bioenergetic Analysis (SFABE), which teachings are based on the work of W. Reich and A. Lowen.

She is a Certified Skydancing Tantra Teacher (level 2) and belongs to the Skydancing LET’s (Love and Ecstasy Training) team of Teachers .

Her "golden thread" is anything that makes her feel physically, emotionally and energetically vibrant and, therefore, more alive. This is how her path led her to SkyDancing Tantra, an approach that invites to spiritual awakening through the intermediary of a conscious body.

Based in Lyon (France) , she offers psychotherapy sessions to individuals and couples. Laurence also leads Tantra seminars and workshops for singles and couples during which she likes to create an atmosphere of depth and trust conducive to the process of expansion of consciousness and transformation.

Laurent Lacoste


Laurent has been studying Tantra for about 15 years with various Tantra teachers around the world. He is a Certified Skydancing Tantra Teacher (level 2) and belongs to the Skydancing LET’s (Love and Ecstasy Training) team of Teachers .

He is also an Ayurveda practitioner in Paris. Studying Ayurveda has enabled him to enlarge his understanding of Tantra and opened doors to new understandings.

He receives individuals in Paris for personal coaching using the tools of Tantra.Tantra is his path of life. Through awareness, one can embrace all facets of life so to learn and to realize oneself, to create a state of silent joy which is the state of accepting what is.

Fernando Manrique


Fernando is a doctor, specialized in psychiatry and psychotherapy in Switzerland after having studied medicine in different countries (Peru, Europe and Australia). He is also trained in various meditation techniques and ancestral traditions like Lomilomi, Romiromi, shamanism... He has been practicing Skydancing Tantra since 2008.

Hs is certified Skydancing Tantra® teacher and is a facilitator of the Love & Ecstasy Training (LET).


Cassidy Geppert


Cassidy is certified Sky Dancing Tantra Teacher and a senior faculty at the Ecstatic Living Institute. She has been entrusted by Margot Anand to teach the Love and Ecstasy Trainings in the United States.

She is know for her wisdom, compassion and sense of humor.  Her teachings are informed by her in depth study of yoga, subtle body anatomy and extensive experience leading groups through transformational experiences, both as a tantra teacher and wilderness guide.  She teaches Sky Dancing seminars and Teacher Trainings in the US and Europe.

When she is not traveling to teach Sky Dancing she tends to her local community as the director of Yoga Programs at the Hawthorn Institute in Southern Oregon, where she offers yoga with in a holistic program alongside Ayurveda,personal development and herbalism.   She is committed to helping her students become fully embodied, joyful and liberated.

Bodhi Sambhava


Bodhi Sambhava discovered Watsu® and Tantra over 20 years ago. She became a professional Watsu® and Healing Dance® practitioner, she specialized working on unconscious cellular memories. She is also a certified Skydancing Tantra® Teacher level II and co-founder of Aqua-Tantra®, facilitating in Europe and Mexico.

«I was amazed by the magic of Tantra and wanted to share all what Tantra brought to me and connect it with the fluidity of water»



 Aïma (Mercedes Andany)


Mercedes is a mind-body therapist, with more than 25 years experience.  After graduating in mathematics and philosophy in York University, she taught meditation for 10 years in the UK, in India and Brazil.  Following the birth of her two children, she turned to a more embodied approach: how can we express our luminous Being through our body, and in our daily life?
She studied Naturopathy, MLC (Method for Liberation Armours) and Jung’s depth psychology, and is certified in these 3 approaches. 

Mercedes is a certified Skydancing® Tantra Teacher, and practices in Geneva and Barcelona,  running workshops and individual meetings.
Tantra represents for her the corner stone of all modern tools for self-realisation, as it unites body, mind and Being, and focuses on joy and the celebration of Life.


Pierre Darroux


Originally a Judo Teacher, Pierre bases his experience on quite a unique journey. As a Management and Communication Counselor, he advises leaders towards modes of behavior that are both innovative, creative and respectful.
He was a researcher in Educational Sciences for a while, and founded a Wine Tasting school: these experiences left him with a keen interest for a free, lively and streamlined style of teaching.

Pierre entered into the universe of Tantra in 2006, through SkyDancing Tantra Trainings, and he became immediately committed to this path. He enriched his knowledge by attending many different schools. He is well versed in Taoist practices and Kashmeer Yoga. 

Nowadays, Pierre leads tantric workshops and retreats for men, and is developing exploration and initiation workshops near Lyon, France. 

His practice and what he teaches are intimately connected — an open invitation into simplicity and depth. He offers a tantra full of creativity and humor, finely inserted into daily life.

Pierre is married and has two daughters — a situation which in itself is a major life experience and a source of inspiration.



Agnes is a coach and a therapist, offering healing sessions through massage, tantra and the release of cuirasses, since 2013. She leads workshops on tantric massage and initiation to Skydancing Tantra.

She discovered Tantra in 2004 with different teachers and since then has been participating in various Tantra workshops.  She later decided to increase her involvement by completing the SkyDancing Teachers Training.

Agnes is also a practitioner of conscious breathing / rebirth (certified Ose) since 2004. She combines Kundalini yoga, detox / high vibe / raw food and living in contact with nature and others as part of a “wellness” life concept, which includes Skydancing Tantra as a spiritual path to enlightenment.


Antoine Van Limburg

antoine van limburg 160x215

I discovered Tantra in 1990 when i have been trained as Tri-Energetic Coach. After reading books of Margot Anand, I started the Love & Extasy Trainings in France in 2006 and went further in deepening my experiences with other tantric teachers.Being totally aware that be touched is a basic need, i learned and also Cashmiri massage.
I created a center dedicated to human development ( Musician, singer & percussionnist, i have participated to recordings of mantra CD’s.As a phorographer & writer, I have published books & articles about sacred mountains (Kailash Pèlerinage Tibétain). I am father of two grown-up children.

In my tantric courses, I propose to discover this path of consciousness which is whole, joyful and simple in its true nature. Tantra helps us to focus on all aspects of the human being – body, emotions, heart, mental, spiritual – in order to reveal our full capacity to love ourself and the others.

Jean-Francois ABELOOS


Life and professional coach, certified by the "NLP and Coaching Institute of California", Jeff supports his participants to «use the best of their ressources to be and get what they want in their life ».

He is certified Skydancing Tantra© teacher by Margot Anand, and organizes practice groups for experienced tantrikas. Involved for many years in the facilitation of « men’s groups » inspired by Guy Corneau, he is ex-president of the « Réseau Hommes Ile de France ».

Trainerd in Rebirth, Ayurvedic massages, Tantra and Neuro-LinguisticProgramming, he also uses his  mutli-cultural life background between Belgium, France, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and the USA to contribute sharing the best of each environment.

Jeff speaks very good english!!


Philippe Wyckmans


has a passion for Life with its emotional and energetic movements. He keeps enriching his trainings in transpersonnal psychotherapie (with Guy Corneau, among others), Conscious Breath (Rebirth) and Energetic Healing. He is organizing initiatic journeys in India, in the Sahara desert, in touch with nature and with American Indian shamans. He regularly spends time in India and follows the Shivaïc Teachings of Babaji and Amma in their ashrams.

Understanding the importance of re-establishing harmony between the masculine and the feminine, he undertook Margot Anand's Skydancing Tantra and Barry Long's Sacred Sexuality trainings. He is currently leading Skydancing seminars in Belgium.

Philippe speaks very good english!!

Roger-Michel Berger


was born in 1945. He performs massage techniques for over 30 years. In 2001 he created Wellness-Flow, a practice for massage and a centre for personal development in Switzerland (Neuchâtel).

He lives out meditation techniques from various traditions, as Derviche Whirling dance and other active meditations. He focalises workshops for personal development in many places including the Findhorn foundation, especially for Tantra, which he practices for over 15 years.

He attended training in group dynamics at the Institute for dynamic psychiatry in Berlin, meditation techniques at the Humaniversity in Egmond-aan-Zee (NL) with Veeresh, Skydancing Tantra with Stephen Vasey ( Achintya) and Margot Anand, Tantra Yoga with Daniel Odier, work on masculinity (project L'Hom) with Robert Punit Fischer.

He studied classical singing with Charles Ossola, Marianne Sébastien or Iégor Reznikoff and is active as a bass voice in various groups for instance the choir In Illo Tempore and the choir Lyrica.

He is father of 4 children and in his personal research he explores the meeting between the body and spiritual paths."