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Welcome to the wonderful world of Tantra!

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Skydancing Tantra’s philosophy and teaching are available through numerous Skydancing Institutes around the world. The aim of Skydancing Tantra is to assist you awaken your ecstatic potential, discover your vital power, and create your life around Love, Sensuality and Spirituality by giving them an essential place in your life. The method integrates recent discoveries of clinical sexology, the revival of the humanist psychology and the heritage of tantric meditation. We use various techniques: bioenergetics, NLP,  visualization, communication, sacred ritual, massage, meditation, and other methods, all working with Love as a foundation. The path of Skydancing Tantra is relevant and accessible to contemporary society.


If you feel drawn, we would be happy to welcome you in our  seminars. Please consult our workshops calendar.

Margot Anand is the founder of the  Skydancing Tantra method. For more than 30 years, she has been internationally recognized for her books and DVDs on the subject. Margot Anand now resides in Bali. To help her teach this method, Margot has trained a competent team of professionals.  Consult our Teachers page.

Nital Brinkley has managed The Francophone Institute since 1990 and welcomes new students to Skydancing Tantra. We welcome all nationalities to the Love and Ecstasy Training (LET) presented in southern France in both French and English languages.