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Our lives can be deeply nourished by certain encounters. But how do we find the hidden richness of each story? How can we be ready to meet the one who comes, who may have been there forever?

This workshop offers a deep, healing, regenerating experience. It gives women and men the opportunity to learn to meet each other differently, in a peaceful space. It allows them to meet themselves.

This workshop is a particularly rich experience for couples but you can also participate alone.

During 5 days, women and men, each on their own, study the needs of their gender. They prepare themselves for a Ritual of meeting towards the unique point where everything comes from, where everything comes back.

Sky Women

Led by
Bodhi Sambhava
& a circle of women


Sky Women

Led by Bodhi Sambhava and a circle of women

A space to honor our feminine by fully recognizing it in all aspects of life. Together, to visit and overcome our ancestral wounds in order to rediscover our ecstatic nature. Reconnecting with our inner wisdom to regain our freedom to love.

A sacred time to prepare for a unique and soothing encounter with Man.


Bodhi Sambhava seeks the feminine connection through water. Creator of Aqua Tantra, she is a teacher of SkyDancing Tantra and Healing Dance, and therapist in Pelvic Heart Integration and Aquatic Integration Therapy.

Equipe fondatrice du Sky Femmes.

Sky Men

Led by
Pierre Darroux
& a collective of men


Sky Men

Led by Pierre Darroux and a collective of men

A rare experience to answer the question "to be a man today".

A transformative, profound and joyful journey to consolidate and nourish our possibilities.

A gift of fraternity and benevolence to find one's place as a Man. The one that truly suits our soul.

A sacred time to prepare ourselves for a unique and healing encounter with Woman.


Pierre Darroux has been accompanying and encouraging men individually and in groups for years. He shares an accessible, effective and joyful teaching of transformation. He is a certified SkyDancing Tantra teacher.

Equipe fondatrice du Sky Hommes


« Seven days of intensity, sweetness, laughter and tears... a rainbow of emotions that allowed me to walk with more fluidity and authenticity in my daily life. In this workshop I found a space where the healing of the heart and the soul was possible. Accompanied with aptness, kindness and tenderness by a feminine and masculine team of remarkable quality, I still remain imbued with this incredible experience !! »
« More than a workshop, I experienced a reunification of men who take care of themselves, support each other in their vitality and create together the conditions to meet the women. I was able to experiment and validate that in a man's energy there was also a lot of room for subtlety. There was also a beautiful work for me on my verticality. Thank you to Pierre and the staff for the complicity and trust they created. A crazy energy with an impressive sense of detail. »
« This workshop was a marvel; the word that summarises it for me is a "jewel". Great Art in the authenticity of the relationship of man and woman, great finesse in the propositions that let us experience this human fraternity in a simple and profound way! I felt surrounded by so much love, attention and care from the team that I was able to abandon myself and let go of old restricting patterns. A total renewal of my whole being, as well as of my relation to man. Infinite gratitude to this wonderful team! »
« This Sky Men/Women was an enriching experience for me. It was a journey of authenticity and sincerity with its inevitable series of disturbance so necessary to any evolution and transformation, with its moments of happiness in intense communion, first with oneself, then with the other men and during the last 2 days with the women. I experienced great times of reconciliation, solidarity and sharing that made me feel so alive. »

Practical information

Prerequisites: an introductory week-end to SkyDancing Tantra or a similar 2-3 day workshop from another recognised teacher or school of Tantra.
In the registration process, you can be contacted by one of our teachers to discuss whether this program is a good fit for you.

Dates & times: Saturday april 3 (11:00) - Saturday april 10  (13:00), 2021  

Venue: Domaine les Fougères - 26270 Mirmande -

Price for the workshop: 990 € per person  / 900 € early bird ( registration before March 1, 2020 ) and for persons coming as an official couple 

Meals & Accommodation: full board: 75 € per person per day 

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