SkyDancing Tantra Teachers

Certified facilitators working in the French-speaking zone

Philippe Wyckmans

Philippe Wyckmans

Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teacher



Passionate about Life and its emotional and energetic movements, he enriches his rigorous training in transpersonal psychotherapy (notably with Guy Corneau), Conscious Breathing (Rebirth) and Energetic Care. He organizes initiatory journeys in India, in the desert, in contact with nature and Amerindian shamans. He regularly stays in India and follows the Shiva teachings of Babaji and Amma in their ashrams. Sensitized to the importance of restoring harmony between Male and Female, he trained with Margot Anand in Skydancing Tantra and with Barry Long in Sacred Sexuality.

Philippe is a certified Teacher Skydancing Tantra®. He leads seminars in Belgium. Philippe speaks fluent English.

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