Aqua-Tantra: "Sacred Union"

Avec Bodhi Sambhava & Johann Azuelos
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Bodhi Sambhava & Johann Azuelos
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28.09.2022 - 02.10.2022
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Italie - Sasseta Alta - Toscane  
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"Sacred Union"

Bringing the Sacred into your daily life

September 28 - October 2, 2022 in Sasseta Alta, Tuscany (Italy)

Led by Bodhi Sambhava & Johann Azuelos: certified SkyDancing Tantra teachers and co-founders of the Aqua-Tantra method.

This workshop is part of a 6 module program. These courses can be taken independently of each other and in any order.

Open to all: singles or couples

This is an advanced Aqua-Tantra® seminar for those who already have experience of Tantra in a recognized school.

Our Aqua-Tantra seminars take place on land as well as in the water and offer a gentle, relaxing, sensual and new approach. They are an opportunity to discover new aspects of oneself in an atmosphere of trust, security, respect, softness and warmth, guided by professional and experienced facilitators.

The objectives of the seminar

This seminar brings together the aspects of inner and outer polarity, fluidity and surrender (explored in our previous seminars) and deepens the natural flow of life in and out of the body with love, trust and confidence in life. The unified awareness of one's inner and outer worlds will facilitate exploring and perhaps discovering new spaces of existence.

We intend to:

  • Deepen the practices of inner flow with oneself and omnipresent love ;
  • Deepen the connection and union of aspects of polarities within us (inner) and explore the power of surrendering as a "unified self" with different aspects of life (outer);
  • Consciously explore unity and heart sharing through alternating land and water practices, alone, in pairs and in groups;
  • Deepen the practice of Yabium, tantric metaphor, to transcend dualities, become more permeable and receptive, alchemize all the differences that are not necessarily opposed but complementary and then dare to express and be oneself - emissive!
  • To bring relaxation in one's sexuality and in one's life by opening different spaces of consciousness;
  • Bringing back the sacred into one's daily life and learning to create rituals. Celebrate! 

This workshop is part of a journey that we propose in 6 modules.
The first 3 modules can be done in any order.
We propose you to discover the module "Double Polarity", the module "Fluidity and Abandonment", the module "Slowness and Suspension". Three other modules are intended for those who have already followed at least one of the first three modules or for those who already have an advanced practice in Tantra. They are the modules "The Wave of the Heart", "Sacred Union", "The Matrix of Origins". A module only dedicated to couples is also proposed, the module "The dance of the link".

Course validated as a prerequisite for the Skydancing®Tantra Advanced Training and Courses 

Schedule and information:

Dates and times: The workshop will start on Wednesday, September 28 at 5:00 pm and will end on Sunday, October 2 around 2:00 pm.

Languages: The seminar will be led in French language translated into English (Italian if necessary).

Price of the course: 420€ p.p. - Price for a couple: 760€. - Early Bird (before July 1, 2022): 380€ p.p. 

- Registration with deposit 200€.
- Pool access 40€/pers for the 4 days.

Accommodation: from 95 to 125 euros per day, per person, full board depending on the type of room.
Accommodation to be booked directly on

Location information

Italie - Sasseta Alta - Toscane


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