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Skydancing Tantra Int.

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Member of Skydancing
Tantra International

SKY Men / SKY Women


SKY Men/Women

Aima Mercedes Andany & Bodhi Sambhava (for women)
Pierre Darroux (for men)

APRIL  6 (11h) - 13 (13h), 2019

South France


Over the course of this one-week workshop — designed like a real initiation journey —men and women go their separate ways, in two distinct groups, for several days. In a soft and powerful environment, through specific practices, interactions, rituals and meditations, each participant — whether male or female — experiences the delicious sensation of finding him/herself among brothers/sisters, enjoying the huge potential support and healing that result from this group dynamics.

Step by step, an encounter between men and women is prepared. It takes shape and is then celebrated in a space of genuine respect, love and joy. From the separation of the masculine and feminine polarities and their exploration, a reunion results, so beautiful and intense that it becomes a catalyst of transformation. Nourished by this new-born relationship between Men and Women, our daily life can be approached from a totally new perspective.

This SKY MEN / SKY WOMEN week is in synergy with the TEL SkyDancing Training, to which it contributes new techniques and insights. It may be experienced either in addition or independently from this Training. 

Sky Women

This Tantra workshop is a space of exploration of Women and Womenhood. It prepares women to be in a space of sisterhood and grounding with their own kind, but also to meet the other gender, in an independent and welcoming posture.

We will open up its subtle pathways thanks to a variety of healing modalities and other tools for the discovery of Woman and her mysteries. 

In the midst of this encounter between women, each woman is greeted and welcomed in her own uniqueness, and supported to move towards her freedom with the support from all of her sisters, in a space of sharing and kindness. We will head towards our own emotional self-reliance, in order to achieve a joyful experience of Love, beyond dependency.

We will learn to travel among the different archetypes of Womanhood with greater awareness.  We will explore two of these archetypes, which are sometimes considered to be opposites: the Mother and the Lover, in order to reconcile them within each of us. Together, we will travel throughout the various ages of a woman's life, from childhood to maturity, thus achieving the evolution of a brilliant Femininity.

Nature will also be our guide towards our Shamanic connection to life and its vital forces, and the power of being Wild Women. 

Sky Men

This Tantra workshop aims to open up and support men in their path of conscious manhood, with regards to themselves and to others. The program in this cycle is an invitation to discover, consolidate and nourish the various aspects of the masculine. In this process we will aim to become free from the restrictive stereotypes and preconceptions, which often surround the notion of what it is to be a "man", thus recovering our freedom, being who we really are, and acting from that center.

Inside of each man, dwells a specific energy, specific talents and gifts which deserve to be harnessed and developed, in order to fertilize and enrich the world. The practices in this workshop will enable us to explore the very nature of our masculinity in greater depth in order to become revitalized in this source and free up our inherent potential. In doing so, our body is perceived as a temple and a reflection of divine energy, we find greater balance in our lives, and our relationships become more peaceful and fulfilling.
As the workshop moves forward, a process of purification and reconciliation takes place. The body relaxes, energy is freed up, and new spaces open up. The adjustment and regulation of our sexuality liberate a newfound power. Our vision clears up, our hearts open up. At that point our specific male qualities unfold with a benevolent force in a subtle balance with the feminine. Relationships with other men become more peaceful, enhanced by softness and brotherhood. Our encounter with Women, with women in their various dimensions, is seen under a new light. A natural expression of our own being is revealed and experienced in a deep and subtle way day after day.




Aima Mercedes Andany & Bodhi Sambhava  (for women)
Pierre Darroux (for men)

Dates: April 6 (11am) - April 13 (1pm) 2019

Venue: Hameau de l'Etoile - near Montpellier (south France) 

Price of the seminare: 990.- E  (or 890.- € per person for couples)

Meals & Accommodation: between 65.- € and  à 120.- € per person per day depending on the type of the room.

Registrations:  Limited space!

Organisation: Margarita: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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