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Skydancing Tantra Int.

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Member of Skydancing
Tantra International

Love & Ecstasy Training cycles 4-5-6

    CYCLE 4-5-6 

LET 28 : 2019 - 2020  

Cycle 6: june 20-27, 2020
Margot Anand & Pascal Savatier

Cycle 5: sept 1-8, 2020 (reporté)
Laurence Heitzmann & Laurent  


LET 29 : 2020 - 2021  

Cycle 4: march 20-27, 2021
Laurence Heitzmann
& Fernando Manrique

Cycle 5:  june 19-26, 2021
Laurence Heitzmann
& Laurent Lacoste

Cycle 6: sept 6-13, 2021
Margot Anand
& Pascal Savatier


LET 30 : 2021 - 2022  

Cycle 4: oct 16-23 2021
Laurence Heitzmann 
& Fernando Manrique

Cycle 5: march 19-26, 2022
Laurence Heitzmann 
& Laurent Lacoste

Cycle 6: june 18-25, 2022
Margot Anand 
& Pascal Savatier


This training completes the "Love and Ecstasy Training" cycle 1,2,3

This training is a follow up, participants should have done the "Love and Ecstasy Training" level one or an other Tantric Training before applying.

Exception for cycle 6: you can join if you have a good Tantra background.

Cycle 4: Maturity & Relationship

We all know that our first emotional connection develops through our multi-facetted relationship to our parents. The focus of this cycle will be to discover how these relations have influenced our sexuality and to support us in freeing ourselves from the emotional armoring and beliefs that no longer serve us on the way to our personal freedom.

We will search to find out what still binds us to our family that is potentially holding us back and how to disentangle these ties with love and respect. We come from the meeting of two complementary energies. To open oneself to receive the support of one’s parents allows the experience of inner peace, strength and anchoring in one’s sexual identity. In doing so, we will make a new healing imprint to the family triangle: father, mother and child.

Through theoretical and practical tools, we will propose you a new frame of reference, which will open us to a greater maturity in the relationship. Therefore, we will be more available to ourselves and to the other in order to live more fully our sexual potential, with the help of the practice of sacred rituals.

Cycle 5: Freedom in the form: the Power of Being and the Roots of Orgasm

During this cycle we will strengthen and deepen what was addressed in the previous cycles, by bringing in additional tools. We will propose an evolutionary journey that includes a number of themes centered around pleasure, its limits and its transcendence through advanced body-psychotherapy practices.

We will journey together to bring awareness to the obstacles and limitations that settle in our ego and mind, preventing us from living our full potential and weakening our capacity for ecstasy and for joyful living. New practices will allow us to deeply explore in a relaxed environment the fundamental concept of freedom in the form, and how an individual, by going to the heart of one’s feelings, can be released from the chains of one’s conditionings to fully live one’s pleasure.

You will discover how to:
* Create a new field of consciousness that invites our creative potential
* Get as close as possible to our feelings in order to know and understand our limitations
* Create the space of safety from which it is possible to learn by playing and flirting with these limitations
* Understand the limiting mechanisms of our beliefs and deprogram them in order to access our individual freedom
* Practice the exercises of pelvic laughter

Cycle 6: Developing your Body of Light

After riding the "Wave of Bliss" taught during this training, you will be brought to discover the subtle energies, the nectars of the Moon (Soma), born in the upper chakras, which they will then diffuse down their entire body through the practice of the descending wave. This nectar is the Unified Light that has no polarity and that descends from the Crown to the Root Chakra. Thus, we will practice the wave from Earth to Heaven and from Heaven to Earth in a marriage, a union of these two polarities whose differences will gradually fade into Unity.

In this cycle you will discover:
• The mystical dimension of SkyDancing Tantra and tantric sexuality
• The art of "Riding the Tiger": experiencing ecstasy in each chakra
• Exploration of the "descending Wave"
• The sacred geometry
• The mantras for liberation and new powerful and healing rituals


Who is this Training designed for ?

The Love & Ecstasy Training (LET) is for singles and couples, ages 18 to 80. Whether you come by yourself or with a partner, you will find this workshop to be an enlivening and nourishing experience.
This training is for anyone wishing to deepen his knowledge and Tantric practice, anyone with the project to integrate the approach of Skydancing Tantra® in its professional practice.


A certificate will be issued at the end of cycle 6.


Prerequisite: an introductory seminar of Skydancing Tantra® or another school of Tantra.

For cycle 4-5-6, we ask to have done at least two of the cycles 1-2-3

The Venue

Beautifull venue near Montpellier (south France).

The Trainings starts the first day at 11 am, and ends on last day around 1pm.

Tuition fee

5'100.- euros - commited to 6 cycles (850.- euros per cycle)
2'970.- euros - commited to 3 cycles (990.- euros per cycle)
1'090.- euros - commited to one cycle only

Lodging fee
65.- to 120- euros per day per person full board

How to pay:

- PAYPAL (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )  

- Bank transfer :
IBAN: CH13 0900 0000 9163 7123 1
Titulaire: Nital-Linda Brinkley - Epalinges - Switzerland
Banque: PostFinance SA - Mingerstrasse 20 - 3030 Berne - Switzerland