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Skydancing Tantra Int.

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Member of Skydancing
Tantra International

International Skydancing Teacher's training

This Training is offering a program of certification which is going to prepare those who want to teach Tantra SkyDancing in the world, in a complete and coherent way. You can also follow this training for your own personnal growth.

"I expected to learn techniques to enrich the work with my clients and what I got was tools for my life, relationship and work. I have deep appreciation for what I received".
Judy Conrads, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist

Whom this training is made for ?

This training is a unique opportunity to learn, step by step, how to share with others, techniques and processes from SkyDancing Tantra, the most advanced and scientifically researched method in the field of ecstatic sexuality and Tantra today. This training is designed for people who work with others to facilitate personal growth and enrichment in the area of relationships, sexuality and spirituality.

This training is open to all the people having already followed a Tantra training, with SkyDancing (LET) or with an other school.

This training is an adventure and a unique opportunity to explore, practice and integrate SkyDancing Tantra in ALL aspects of your life, even if you don't plan to become a teacher.

This Teacher’s Training will be the last one lead by Margot Anand in Europe!

  • Are you interested in learning tools that you can incorporate in your professional practice?
  • Are you curious about the connection between sex, heart and spirit?
  • Would you like to gain inspiration to design your own programs touching upon sexual awareness trainings and improve your skills in counseling and facilitating?
  • Do you want to become a great and dynamic group leader in the field of Tantra ?
  • Are you considering to become a Certified Teach er of SkyDancing Tantra and leading
  • SkyDancing Tantra workshops, representing Margot Anand's methods?

In this training you will develop the skills to:

  • Understand and work with group dynamics when teaching a Tantra group
  • Teach in a dynamic and attractive way about delicate subjects regarding sexuality
  • Help your clients move beyond resistance and fears regarding sexuality

At the end of each module, you will receive a blueprint for each teaching program based on the material you learned that week. You will be encouraged to teach these together with other participants of this training. In the next cycle, you report your results and evaluate your strong and weak points so as to achieve learning, understanding as well as broadening your skill base.

Certification: At the end of this Training, participants will receive a certificate, attesting that they intended all 6 cycles of the SkyDancing Teacher's Training. Among them, Margot will choose some teachers whom she will specifically authorize to teach under the SkyDancing label, according to conditions still to be defined.

CYCLE 1: Do you have a passion for practising and teaching Tantra?

Margot Anand and Michael Hallock
November 11 to 18, 2012
Venue: Chateau de Bellevue, Dôle (FR)

In this cycle, we are going to the core of our being, to find our passion for helping others to give birth to themselves, through a spiritual and grounded sexuality. We discover our true values: art, motivation, commitment and clarity needed to become a genuine SkyDancing Tantra leader.

Margot will bring into light the origins of the SkyDancing Tantra lineage. She will go back to the historical teachings of Buddha Padma Sambhava. We will do personal and deep work on ourselves, and we will go deeper into new meditations linking Sahasrara (crown chakra) to Anahata (heart chakra), so that we open ourselves to silence and inner revelation.

In this cycle, you will explore:

  • The energy map of SkyDancing Tantra: the seven chakras and the Inner Flute
  • The SkyDancing Tantra rituals: how to create powerful and transforming rituals
  • How to be a good leader: guidance and suggestions, and how to handle feedback
  • Body, heart and soul ecstasy: how to keep up with it in your daily life
  • Beyond your resistance: how to support the personal growth of participants
  • Meditation and spirituality: how to create a better sexual life
  • Difference between therapy and SkyDancing Tantra

Cycle 2: Teaching SkyDancing Tantra,
Transformation of energies through breathing and chakras

Vasanti Vachet and Jim Benson
April 6 to 13, 2013
Venue: Hameau de l’Etoile, Montpellier (FR)

During this cycle, we will explore the art of:

  • Leading a group and managing energy and emotions
  • Finding out our own color and identity in the teaching
  • Learning to map our territory with clarity, to respect others, to know our priorities, and to act accordingly, to feel self-reliant
  • Studying the specific SkyDancing Tantra teachings (see books by Margot Anand)
  • Teaching and supporting the deep meeting of all the aspects of our being: body, emotion, mind, energy and spirituality
  • Using the body and the 3 keys in an intense way
  • Using different types of breathing, waking up memories, along with the various aspects of your vital energy. Conscious breathing sessions will also contribute to crystallize exercices
  • Following our passion on the tantric path
  • Practicing through leading and situations under supervision,
  • Learning how to receve feedbacks.

Cycle 3: Understanding and teaching the base of SkyDancing Tantra: polarity Yin-Yang

Laurence Heitzmann and Laurent Lacoste
June 29 to July 6 2013
Venue: Hameau de l’Etoile, Montpellier (FR)

During this cycle, we will explore:

  • The art of teaching the SkyDancing structures which are related to the understanding, the differenciation, the harmonization of the Yin and Yang aspects of our nature, the feminine and masculine polarities in us
  • The role and the game of the inner man and the inner woman in our life and in our sexuality
  • The SkyDancing Tantra specific teaching on this subject (see books by Margot Anand )
  • How these polarities can help us creating a harmonious relation with the other
  • The art of teaching the interaction between the Yin and the Yang in our relationships, and the «Yin Yang game»
  • The art of evaluating how and in what proportion we play out the masculine and the feminine aspects in our daily life
  • Presentation and analysis of the polarities of the chakras
  • How to create breathing structures using those polarities

Cycle 4: Roots of orgasm: how to teach the secrets of the circulation of orgasmic energy

Surabhi Fischer, Liliana and Robert Baillot (CA)
November 4 to 11, 2013
Venue: Hameau de l’Etoile, Montpellier (FR)

In this cycle, we shall continue to study and to teach certain original structures of the SkyDancing Tantra method:

  • Teaching the Fire Breath Orgasm - The roots of the orgasmic energy by the dynamics of the vibration. The opening of the Inner Flute.
  • Teaching the anatomy of pleasure
  • The «M.O.R.E» or multi-orgasmic response session
  • The tantric work in couples and in his/her private life. How to help and support participants living as a couple.
  • Understanding the dynamics of erotic transference and counter-transference between the tantra teacher and students. Training the capacity of holding erotic projections as a teacher working with sexual energy and dealing with them in a constructive way. Exercising challenging situations in roleplay between teacher and students
  • The questions of professional ethics and the importance of role clarity getting a deeper understanding for the ethical rules; the difference between private, personal and professional relationships.

Cycle 5 Essential tools for teaching SkyDancing Tantra

Laurence Heitzmann & Jim Benson (USA)
April 5 to 12, 2014
Venue: Hameau de l’Etoule, Montpellier (FR)

In this cycle, you will improve your SkyDancing Tantra teaching skills and learn more essential keys for teaching a deep, successful and enriching group.

Among other subjects, the material presented in this cycle will include:

  • Group Dynamics: managing and guiding the energy and interactions within a group
  • Challenges & Meltdowns: managing and working with participant’s emotions
  • Transitioning between teaching segments: from mental work to emotional exploration
  • The role of the mind, the heart and the body in SkyDancing Tantra experiences
  • Touch & Massage: learn vital tools for creating trust and intimacy between participants.
  • How to facilitate the intimacy of heart between participants
  • The importance of body language and the use of your voice in the teaching environment
  • Setting the group energy with music and sound in SkyDancing Tantra
  • How to lead visualizations and induce deep relaxation
  • Demonstrations: learn the art, role and significance of live demos to set the stage for teaching the SkyDancing practices
  • The Guardians: how to create a strong team of support for group participants and teachers. The roles and rules of guardians
  • Schedule & Time management: how to flow within the structure of time and schedule.

Cycle 6: The art of rituals in daily life and the magic of SkyDancing Tantra in the environment

Margot Anand  
July 27 to Aug 3, 2014
Venue: Shangrila Oceanside retreat, Bali

This cycle will be presented by Margot Anand and her teaching partner Michael Hallock.

Both live and organize groups in Bali. This trip will be the most precious touch of your Training. Margot will teach you the secrets of advanced Tantra:

  • The art of feeling your subtle body
  • The art of creating rituals
  • The art of finding sacred grounds in Bali, sacred ceremonies in Bali Temples
  • The art of creating a magic, ecstatic and tantric style of life
  • The art of the «mindfulness» meditation helping us to have a more balanced and ecstatic life

You will enter into the world of sacred temples and their secrets. You will experience moving Balinese ceremonies and receive the benediction of priests and healers from Bali.

Margot will transfer to you her spiritual initiation with a very powerful personal mantra. It will protect you and will be a companion in your life of teaching and leading groups.

Teacher’s Training Registration

Training Fees:

  • Eur 6’900.- commitment for 6 cycles
  • Eur1’300.- commitment for 1 cycle

Accommodation (full board)

from Eur 60.- to Eur 95.-per person per day (Hameau de l’Etoile 2012)

Suggested payment plan:

  • Eur 1’150.- at registration, Eur 1’150.- on March 1, 2013, Eur 1’150.- on June 1, 2013
  • Eur 1’150.- on Nov 1, 2013, Eur 1’150.- on March 1, 2014, Eur 1’150.- on June 1, 2014
  • This training has 6 cycles of 8 days: total 48 days


  • cycle 1 at Chateau de Bellevue, Dôle (FR)
  • cycles 2 to 5 at Hameau de l'Etoile, near Montpellier (FR)
  • cycle 6 at Shangrila oceanside retreat in Bali


  • Nov. 11-18, 2012
  • April 6-13, 2013
  • June 29 - July 6, 2013
  • Nov 4-11, 2013
  • April 5-12, 2014
  • July 27 to August 3, 2014

In case of withdrawal:

Until oct 1, 2012: the full deposit will be refunded.
After oct 1, 2012: the full deposit of Eur 1’150.- will be kept.
If withdrawal during the training, a fee of Eur 200.- will be charged.

Any cycles started will be paided in full.

To participate to this Teacher’s Training, you should have attended a Tantra Training.


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