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Ancient Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy

Price EUR 30.00

This DVD offers ecstatic instruction in Tantric and sacred sexuality. This program will benefit both beginners and more advanced erotic practitioners.

The DVD includes the following sections: The History of Tantra, The Temple of the Body, Ritual Lovemaking, The Wave of Bliss, Extending Sexual Orgasm, Ejaculation Control for Men, The Power of Breath, Freeing the Female Orgasm, The Chakras, Balancing Yin and Yang, Asanas of Tantra (positions of the Kama Sutra), Oral Lovemaking Techniques, Advanced Sexual Enhancement Methods.

New Expanded DVD Segments:

  1. David Ramsdale on mastering yogic ejaculation control and the Male Multiple Orgasm.
  2. Nik Douglas, author of Sexual Secrets, on the historical roots of Tantra and the secret Tantric teachings of the Buddha.
  3. Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and The Art of Sexual Magic, on the arts of sexual ecstasy.
  4. Charles and Caroline Muir on creating and maintaining Sacred Sexual Relationships.

Tantra teacher Suzie Heumann says of her DVD, "Be inspired by the beauty and excitement of sexual love as it could and should be shared! This program is guaranteed to make you a better lover!"

Runtime: 130 minutes

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