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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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► Will there be nudity?
Not necessary, or required. Nudity is optional in our seminars. The tantric practices you will learn can be done in any state of un/dress. This creates a safe environment, allowing you to begin exploring Tantra within you comfort zone. However, many participants choose to be partially nude or nude in some of the exercises.

► What kind of things are we going to do in the workshop?
Some of the time you will explore by yourself, with a partner and then there are group processes, mainly about communication, in groups of four people. There is an active meditation every morning. We demonstrate each partner or group process beforehand so that you get an idea of what’s involved.

► If we participate as a couple, can we work together exclusively?
Yes, you can. The choice is entirely yours. Towards the beginning of each seminar, there is time set aside for all participants to share their intentions and boundaries with the group.

► Is it ok to come as a single?
Yes. Exploring the path of Tantra as an individual allows you to develop tools that will enhance your self-awareness, self-love, and future relationships. After the seminar, you can practice the exercises you learned by yourself as a meditation or with another tantric partner you might meet in the seminar. Here is a quote from Margot Anand that is pertinent to this question, “Don’t count on sex to be the door to intimacy. It’s the other way around: first develop intimacy skills, then make love to enjoy them”.

► If I come as a single, do you provide a partner for me? 
There are most of the time the same number of men and women present in our workshops to ensure a practice partner of the opposite gender for everyone. We do not partner you up with another person, but you choose each other in especially designed communication exercises. This can be quite challenging for some people.

The most important thing to remember is your intention for attending the workshop. Are you attending in the hope to meet the perfect soul mate? Or are you looking for a casual acquaintance? Are you hoping to improve your relationship skills and attract more love and better communication into your life? Whatever your intention is, we encourage you to open your heart and see all other participants as the god and goddess they truly are. Everyone who comes to a workshop is your ally.

► Do you offer  discounts or scholarships for those who need financial assistance to participate?
We do not offer discounts, however, those who require financial assistance to attend one of our seminars may contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

► What are “paired singles”?
Most of our workshops are open to couples and singles, however, some are more suitable for established “twosomes” – couples and paired singles. “Paired singles” are people who might be platonic friends, or they have met in a previous workshop and decided to pair up for the purpose of taking more workshops together. Typically, paired singles will register together for a workshop.

► Will there be a gender balance?
Yes. We try to have an equal number of men and women present so there is partner for everyone to work with. We appreciate singles registering early.

► What is the general age group in the seminars?
Our seminars attract a wide age range. Our oldest participants were a couple in their early 80′s, our youngest a woman who just turned 18. We design the exercises in a way that allows people of all ages to participate fully. We have no control over who registers for our events, hence we won’t know the average age until we meet the group. It usually fluctuates somewhere between 25 and 65.

► May I choose to participate with a partner of the same sex?
Yes, however, in some exercises we recommend that a man and woman work together, unless you are attending with your same sex love partner. In over 23 years of teaching thousands of participants, we had a several female couples and fewer male couples.

► Are your workshops open to same-gender couples?
Tantra is a powerful way to enhance everyone’s spiritual growth and intimacy, regardless of their gender or sexual preference.  While we welcome gay couples in all our workshops, we recommend a telephone conversation to ensure that you know what to expect, and get the most from the experience.  

► I heard that Tantra is all about sex. Will there be sexual activity in the seminar? 
Tantra is about much more than “just sex”. It is a spiritual path that includes everything in our lives, and sex happens to be part of it. The focus of our seminars is to present tools and methods that you can integrate into your life to live more ecstatically in and out of the bedroom. There is no explicit sexual activity, such as intercourse or oral/genital contact in our seminars. Our professional boundary is that these types of activities belong into the couples’ private place.

► What if I am uncomfortable doing certain practices in the group room?
In the advanced seminars that involve more intimate tantric practices you may do the actual practice with your partner in the privacy of your lodging, after watching the live demonstration. While we recognize and recommend the group environment and guided sessions as very supportive in the learning process, it is your choice entirely.

► Are you available for hands-on work in your private Tantra coaching sessions?
In our private coaching sessions we give you techniques and tools to become more intimate with each yourself and your partner, and learn more about Tantra. In this professional role we are not available to touch our clients or have any form of instructional sexual activity with them.

► Do you offer Tantra coaching for singles? 
Yes. Please contact us:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

► Will there be genital contact?
The focus of  Introduction to SkyDancing Tantra is on the exploration of breath, energy and communication. Genital contact is not part of any of the exercises. However, if you and your partner establish your boundaries that include genital contact, it is your prerogative to include it when appropriate. The more advanced seminars may include hand-to-genital contact if so desired by both parties.

► Any more Questions? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.