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Skydancing Tantra Int.

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Member of Skydancing
Tantra International


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International SkyDancing®Teacher Training

6 week-long Training Modules in Southern France

Taught by professional SkyDancing Tantra Teachers

including Margot Anand.



cycle 1) monday sept 24 to oct 1, 2018
cycle 2) friday feb.15 to 22, 2019
cycle 3) saturday may 18 to 25, 2019
cycle 4) saturday sept.21 to 28, 2019
cycle 5) friday feb 14 to 21, 2020
cycle 6) saturday july 4 to 11, 2020 


Hameau de l'Etoile, near Montpellier, south France.  


• Eur 6’900.- registration to all 6 cycles

Full board logging

• from Eur 65.- to Eur 110.- per person & per day  depending on the choosen room. 

The SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Training is a unique opportunity to learn how to share with others the teachings of SkyDancing Tantra, one of the most respected methods in the field of Tantra and sacred sexuality available today. This training is designed for dedicated people who work - or would like to work - with others to facilitate their personal development and accompany them on a path of growing awareness and vitality.

  • Are you considering to become licensed as a certified SkyDancing Tantra Teacher?
  • Are you interested in learning tools that you can incorporate into your professional setting?
  • Do you wish to become a skilled and dynamic group leader in the field of Tantra?
  • Do you want to deepen your understanding and exposure to Tantra ?

Then this training is definitely for you.

This training is an adventure and an invitation to explore, practice and integrate SkyDancing Tantra into all facets of life, whether or not you are planning on becoming a teacher!

Over the period of two years, split into six Modules, you will:

  • Learn to share practices from SkyDancing Tantra with your clients in short events and in introductory weekend workshops of 2 to 3 days.
  • Get a deeper understanding of tantric philosophy and practice.
  • Explore teaching from your authentic self, using your own inner wisdom as the inspiration for your teaching.
  • Experience and learn what it means to be a transformational Teacher.
  • Develop the skills and insight needed for crafting transformational workshops and creating a safe, conducive environment for your sessions and events, including group facilitation methodology, and approaches to assessing and shifting group dynamics.
  • Discover your own teaching voice through partnered and small-group learning lab sessions.
  • Learn to let your teaching arise from integrated life experience, presence in the moment, and intuitive responses to clients’ needs.

The SkyDancing Tantra teacher embodies the teachings, and inspires their clients by blending content (what they teach), method (how they teach it) and authenticity (who they are). The Teacher Training is based on this premise, and creates an environment of personal and professional growth, and integration of the tantric way of being.

The Training Modules: Professional Goals & Achievements

The SkyDancing Tantra Teachers Training consists of six Modules of one week each.

At the end of each Module, you will receive an "acknowledgement of completion", which entitles you to use and share with groups the tools and methods learned during this module. Completion of one or more Modules allows you to use the practices from the training in your professional and personal setting.

However, the trademark “SkyDancing Tantra" may be used only by those who successfully complete the optional SkyDancing Tantra Certification Program at the certification level of their choice.

The SkyDancing Tantra Certification Program

Margot Anand’s groundbreaking body of work is carried by creative, responsible and ethically motivated practitioners of SkyDancing Tantra who are dedicated to their spiritual growth. Currently we offer two levels of certification – SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Level 1 or level 2. To become certified and be able to use the trademark “SkyDancing® Tantra” or make reference to “Margot Anand” in your offerings, requirements include:

  • Successful completion of the six Modules of the Teacher Training.
  • Fulfillment of assisting and teaching assignments as “Teachers in Training” and review.
    Receive the discretional accreditation from the board of supervisors of the Teachers Training.
  • Participation in Cycles 1 to 6 of the Love & Ecstasy Training
  • And other conditions as described further on.
  • To receive the full list of requirements for each certification level, and information about the SkyDancing Tantra Institut Francophone please contact Nital Brinkley via email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The Future 

For those who will graduate under the SkyDancing Tantra Certification Program, you will have access to :

  • The annual Teachers and Assistants Meeting of SkyDancing Tantra (TAM)
  • The possibility to lead groups under the Umbrella of a SkyDancing Tantra Institute, this governed by a legally binding document. As a result, your workshops will be publicized and advertised by this Institute.

Please note that the present document is not a legally binding document. All information provided here are only indications and may be subject to changes and amendments, in particular regarding the leadership and contents of the various modules of the Teacher Training.


Module 1

The Foundations of SkyDancing Tantra
monday 24 September to 1st October 2018

Teachers: Laurence Heitzmann & Laurent Lacoste – Supervisors of the Teachers Training et Directors of SkyDancing Tantra

"Ecstasy is about waking up and finding that you are in love with life.” — Margot Anand

Module 1 of the Skydancing Tantra Teacher Training presents what Tantra and Neo-Tantra are and the place of SkyDancing Tantra within this global picture, while Margot will further present the spiritual lineage and foundations of it during Module 3. This Module 1 gives practical ways to work with others while deepening your own personal Tantra practice. You will explore accessing higher states of consciousness and how to offer a space for people  to grow,  to transform and to open. The content of Module 1 will cover: 

  • The principles of Tantra, Neo-Tantra and SkyDancing Tantra
  • The SkyDancing Tantra Energy Map: The Chakras and the Inner Flute
  • Rituals in SkyDancing Tantra: Heart Salutation and Sacred Space
  • The Ecstasy of the Body, Mind & Spirit: cultivating ecstatic states of being by using specific breathing technics.
  • Moving Beyond Resistance: Facilitating others' personal and spiritual growth
  • Active Meditations: opening the emotional-spiritual body
  • The connection of sexuality and spirituality in SkyDancing Tantra
  • Ethics & Integrity: working within healthy boundaries
  • The importance of “walking your talk”: The Who, How & What and of understanding we want to be Tantra Teachers.
  • How to structure a one day workshop.
  • How to choose and filter the people you want have in your workshops through interviews.

By completing Module 1, you will be able to present the material you learned in a confident and professional manner, and practice your new teaching skills with friends and clients in short sessions and introductory events.


Module 2

Awakening Energy and the Dance of Group Dynamics
friday 15th to 22rd February 2019

Teachers : Cassidy Geppert & Mika Smith – Teachers of the LET in the USA.

"First we learn the tools for intimacy, then we make love.” Margot Anand

Ecstatic, orgasmic energy is our life force. It expresses itself in many ways, and is not limited to the sexual context. The more we can organize our vitality and the flow of our Energies in our lives, the more creative and fulfilled we feel. Module 2 will deepen your skills to support your clients in liberating their Energy flows and to guide them towards a more joyful and vibrant lives. The content of Module 2 will cover: 

  • Experiential exploration of the chakras and subtle body anatomy
  • Yoga asanas for self-awareness, expanding the subtle body and energizing the chakras
  • The history of yoga asana in relationship to Classical Tantra and Sky Dancing Tantra
  • Breath work as a tool for accelerated personal growth
  • Awareness and transformation through movement and dance
  • The Mind and Heart of the Teacher: tools for creating trust, teaching methodology and teacher self-care
  •  Managing challenging group dynamics
  • Personal Processing: facilitating powerful individual growth in a group setting
  •  Inclusivity: Sky Dancing Tantra for  LGBTQA
  • Yin-Yang Game – organizing the expression of desires and limits – allowing self-letting go by being aware of one’s boundaries.
  • By completing Module 2, you will have a stable foundation for working with people in a safe environment to facilitate growth, letting go, and moving into new ways of being and relating with themselves and their loved ones.

Module 3

Receiving the Empowerment from the Lineage
saturday 18th to 25th  May 2019

: Margot Anand & Jim Benson (SkyDancing Teacher USA Institute)

"Tantric vision accepts everything. Everything that a person experiences or feels is an opportunity to learn, without judgment… In Tantra, there is no division between good or evil, between what is acceptable and what is not. Each and every situation, whether pleasant or not, is an opportunity to become more aware.” — Margot Anand

Module 3 is an invitation to dive more deeply into the heart of the SkyDancing Tantra experience, along with the practical skills to teach a number of core structures. Under the guidance of Margot Anand and Jim Benson, you will learn to lead three of the most powerful processes in the SkyDancing Tantra method: Pelvic Laughter, the Dynamic Streaming Process, and Riding the Tiger. Here’s more of what you will learn in Module 3: 

  •   The history and spiritual lineage of SkyDancing Tantra
  •   What is sacred sexuality?
  •   SkyDancing Tantra ethical standards
  •   How to work with assistants
  •   Organizing and choosing music
  •   Your voice as a leader
  •   Working with men and women separately
  •   Using ritual and the mystical tools 
  •   Learning and teaching Riding the Tiger
  •  Learning and teaching The Dynamic Streaming process
  •  Learning and teaching Pelvic Laughter
  •  Managing transference and countertransference (continued from previous modules)
  •  Meditation (continued from previous modules)
  •  Awakening to ecstasy and bliss

    By completing Modules 3, you will have been further introduced and initiated to  SkyDancing® Tantra lineage, by the founder and lineage holder Margot Anand. You will be ready for entering the second phase of the Teachers Training.

Module 4

Deepening your SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Toolkit
saturday 21st to 28th September 2019

Teachers : Laurence Heitzmann (supervisor of the Teachers Training and Director of SkyDancing International) & Jim Benson (Teacher SkyDancing Tantra USA).

« Live dangerously, but do it intelligently. Yes, ecstasy is a jump into the unknown. Go where you have never been and trust your intuition. Simply put : choose the new over the old, take chances, explore ! » Margot Anand - Love, Sex and Awakening

During this module, you will deepen and intensify your experience as Tantra Teachers. You will reinforce your leading skills and discover new important parameters of what it means to lead groups. In the course of this week, you will learn :

  • How to reconnect to your Innocent Heart and teach out of it
  • How to work with complaints, problems and projections
  • How to recognize your shadow areas and to teach out of them.
  • How to move from Defense to Core State
  • How to teach the balancing of the inner man and inner woman
  • How to explain the masculine and feminine polarities and qualities.
  • How to communicate more authentically.
  • How to support people in recognizing their Upper Limits

At the end of this week, you will have improved your capacity to teach from an open heart and from your authenticity. You will have learnt to better balance your feminine and masculine inner polarities.

Module 5

friday 14th to 21nd February 2020
The conscious, joyful teacher

Teachers: Mercedes Andany (SkyDancing Tantra Certified Teacher level 2 – Teacher of the SkyHommes/SkyFemmes SkyDancing Tantra) and Fernando Manrique (SkyDancing Tantra Certified Teacher Level 2 and Teacher module 4 of the LET).  

“There is only one transformation, only one revolution, and that revolution comes not by being concerned with your character, by your acts, by your doings, but being concerned with your BEING. Being is a positive phenomenon; once the being is alert, awake, conscious, suddenly darkness disappears – your being is of the nature of light.” Osho, Tantra, the Supreme Understanding

Module 5 focuses on two core Tantric elements related to ecstatic states: consciousness and non-duality. Merging the teachings and experiences of previous modules, you will experience and develop your own tools to expand your consciousness, and learn  how to create the frame for deep transformation resting on Being rather than Doing.

This module will include:

  • the relationship between energy and consciousness in practice
  • exploring the non-dual tantric attitude and Being
  • how to empower oneself and a group through grounding, centering, alignment and embodiment, creating the frame for ecstatic experiences, healing, presence, focusing and self-regulation
  • practices on awareness of boundaries, comfort zones and protective mind/body structures and how to consciously use them as tools for growth, expansion and reinforcement of participants’ inner safety
  • practices on deep relaxation of mind and body for inner freedom, joy, peace and contentment
  • sexual wisdom: how to guide the “Yoni and Vajra talk” structure allowing our sexual center to express itself;
  • practices deepening the perception of the inner masculine & feminine essences
  • self-awareness as a teacher: where am I teaching from? Personal, professional and collective attitudes and intentions.
  • awareness of intention in choosing and guiding practices and adapting them to the group's needs, using the main active meditations as an example
  • co-leadership: explore the challenges and beauty of shared leadership, their impact on group dynamics and how to use it consciously.

By the end of this week you will have improved your confidence, become more conscious of yourself as a teacher, and discovered the pleasure to teach from who you really are.

Module 6

The passionate Inspired Teacher
saturday 4th to 11th July 2020

Teachers: Laurence Heitzmann & Laurent Lacoste – Supervisors of the Teachers Training et Directors of SkyDancing Tantra International

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” — William Arthur Ward

Dive deeper into the spiritual dimensions of SkyDancing Tantra. Inspire others to live their ecstatic essence, integrating spirituality into their daily lives. Learn what it takes to teach from a place of personal and professional integrity. The content of Module 6 will cover: 

  • Advanced SkyDancing Practices such as: The Fire Orgasm and the Chakra Wave: overcoming dualities through breath and presence
  • Creating Pujas and Structures: the art of designing and leading powerful group rituals
  • What is Tantric Massage – What is Kashmiri Massage
  • How to use Massage in your workshops for the purpose of awareness
  • The Spiritual Powers of Tantra: cultivating inner harmony and spiritual alignment through the practice of the wave (the Yabyum position). Understanding the precious teachings of the Yabyum.
  • How to support people in organizing their freedom within the form given by life. The principles of continuity in the relation and with life.
  • Schedule & Time Management: flowing within a structure and within your workshop.
  • Bring together the material from the previous Modules to design effective, transformative introductory weekend workshops
  • Importance of having a good timing for your structures and workshops and to globally stick to it.
  • Pros and cons of presenting live demos.

By completing Module 6, you will have mastered many theoretical and practical aspects of SkyDancing Tantra that you can share with others in a wide variety of settings. You will have a deep understanding of the SkyDancing Tantra method in your personal practice and professional environment, and be able to present powerful and transformational events with a broad foundation. After completing Module 6, you will be eligible for SkyDancing® Tantra Teacher certification which might be delivered to you by the Teachers’ Training Supervising Team. To maintain your license to practice as a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher, membership in good standing with a SkyDancing Tantra Institute is required.

The SkyDancing Tantra Certification Program

Currently we offer two levels of certification  : SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Level 1 or level 2.

To become certified and be able to use the trademark “SkyDancing® Tantra” or make reference to “Margot Anand” in your offerings, requirements are:

Requirements for becoming a SkyDancing Tantra Certified Teacher Level 1:

  • Participation in Cycles 1 to 6 of the Love & Ecstasy Training
  • Successful completion of the six modules of the Teacher Training.
  • Be an assistant in at least three week-end workshops led by SkyDancing Tantra Certified Teachers.
  • Having led at least three short events (evenings or 1 day workshops) as a Teacher in Training.
  • Receive the discretional accreditation from the board of supervisors of the Teachers Training and fulfill any eventual additional requirement that may be decided on a case by case basis.

Additional requirements for becoming a SkyDancing Tantra Certified Teacher Level 2 :

  • Having fulfilled all requirements for becoming a SkyDancing Tantra certified Teacher level 1.
  • Be an assistant in 6 cycles of the LET.
  • Having led at least three additional week-end workshops as a Teacher level 1.
  • Receive the discretional accreditation from the board of supervisors of the Teachers Training and fulfill any eventual additional requirement that may be decided on a case by case basis.

Derogations to those obligations may be allowed by the Board of Supervisors of the Teachers Training on a case by case basis at their sole and entire discretion.



Training 2018 - 2019

Cycle 4: oct 20-27 2018
Laurence Heitzmann
& Fernando Manrique

Cycle 5: march 16-23, 2019
Laurence Heitzmann
& Laurent Lacoste

Cycle 6: june 15-22, 2019
Margot Anand & Pascal Savatier


Training 2019 - 2020

Cycle 4: oct 19-26 2019
Laurence Heitzmann & Fernando 

Cycle 5: march 14-21, 2020
Laurence Heitzmann & Laurent Lacoste

Cycle 6: june 20-27, 2020
Margot Anand & Pascal Savatier


This training completes the "Love and Ecstasy Training" L.E.T. cycle 1 -2 -3

This training is a follow up, participants should have done the "Love and Ecstasy Training" level one or an other Tantric Training before applying.

Exception for cycle 6: you can join if you have a good Tantra background.

Cycle 4: Maturity & Relationship

We all know that our first emotional connection develops through our multi-facetted relationship to our parents. The focus of this cycle will be to discover how these relations have influenced our sexuality and to support us in freeing ourselves from the emotional armoring and beliefs that no longer serve us on the way to our personal freedom.

We will search to find out what still binds us to our family that is potentially holding us back and how to disentangle these ties with love and respect. We come from the meeting of two complementary energies. To open oneself to receive the support of one’s parents allows the experience of inner peace, strength and anchoring in one’s sexual identity. In doing so, we will make a new healing imprint to the family triangle: father, mother and child.

Through theoretical and practical tools, we will propose you a new frame of reference, which will open us to a greater maturity in the relationship. Therefore, we will be more available to ourselves and to the other in order to live more fully our sexual potential, with the help of the practice of sacred rituals.

Cycle 5: Freedom in the form: the Power of Being and the Roots of Orgasm

During this cycle we will strengthen and deepen what was addressed in the previous cycles, by bringing in additional tools. We will propose an evolutionary journey that includes a number of themes centered around pleasure, its limits and its transcendence through advanced body-psychotherapy practices.

We will journey together to bring awareness to the obstacles and limitations that settle in our ego and mind, preventing us from living our full potential and weakening our capacity for ecstasy and for joyful living. New practices will allow us to deeply explore in a relaxed environment the fundamental concept of freedom in the form, and how an individual, by going to the heart of one’s feelings, can be released from the chains of one’s conditionings to fully live one’s pleasure.

You will discover how to:
* Create a new field of consciousness that invites our creative potential
* Get as close as possible to our feelings in order to know and understand our limitations
* Create the space of safety from which it is possible to learn by playing and flirting with these limitations
* Understand the limiting mechanisms of our beliefs and deprogram them in order to access our individual freedom
* Practice the exercises of pelvic laughter

Cycle 6: Developing your Body of Light

After riding the "Wave of Bliss" taught during this training, you will be brought to discover the subtle energies, the nectars of the Moon (Soma), born in the upper chakras, which they will then diffuse down their entire body through the practice of the descending wave. This nectar is the Unified Light that has no polarity and that descends from the Crown to the Root Chakra. Thus, we will practice the wave from Earth to Heaven and from Heaven to Earth in a marriage, a union of these two polarities whose differences will gradually fade into Unity.

In this cycle you will discover:
• The mystical dimension of SkyDancing Tantra and tantric sexuality
• The art of "Riding the Tiger": experiencing ecstasy in each chakra
• Exploration of the "descending Wave"
• The sacred geometry
• The mantras for liberation and new powerful and healing rituals


Who is this Training designed for ?

The Love & Ecstasy Training (LET) is for singles and couples, ages 18 to 80. Whether you come by yourself or with a partner, you will find this workshop to be an enlivening and nourishing experience.
This training is for anyone wishing to deepen his knowledge and Tantric practice, anyone with the project to integrate the approach of Skydancing Tantra® in its professional practice.


A certificate will be issued at the end of cycle 6.


Prerequisite: an introductory seminar of Skydancing Tantra® or another school of Tantra.

The Venue

Beautifull venue near Montpellier (south France).

The Trainings starts the first day at 11 am, and ends on last day around 1pm.

Tuition fee

5'100.- euros - commited to 6 cycles (850.- euros per cycle)
2'970.- euros - commited to 3 cycles (990.- euros per cycle)
1'090.- euros - commited to one cycle only

Lodging fee
65.- to 120- euros per day per person full board

How to pay:

- PAYPAL ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )  

- Bank transfer :
IBAN: CH13 0900 0000 9163 7123 1
Titulaire: Nital-Linda Brinkley - Epalinges - Suisse
Banque: PostFinance SA - Mingerstrasse 20 - 3030 Berne - Suisse

- French checks accepted



CYCLES 1-2-3

Training 2018 - 2019

LET 28

Cycle 1: oct 6-13, 2018
Margot Anand & Laurent Lacoste

Cycle 2: march 2-9 2019
Laurence Heitzmann
& Laurent Lacoste

Cycle 3: june 1-8, 2019
Laurence Heitzmann
& Laurent Lacoste


Training 2019 - 2020
LET 29

Cycle 1: oct 5-12, 2019
Laurent Lacoste
& Cassidy Geppert

Cycle 2: feb 29-march 7,2020
Laurence Heitzmann
& Laurent Lacoste

Cycle 3: june 5-12, 2020
Laurence Heitzmann
& Laurent Lacoste



root main2

Training Cycles 1-2-3

at least one Skydancing workshop

The venue is located near Montpellier, in South France

The training can be started by cycle 1 or cycle 2 for those having a Tantra background, but can not be started by cycle 3! Lead in French and English

Margot Anand's LET "Love & Ecstasy Training" will change forever your experience of sexual loving, and give you the opportunity to explore how your sexual energy can heal your body, open your heart and expand your spirit to states of unity and bliss.

There is no sexuality practiced during our workshops.

Over 20,000 people worldwide have participated in this exquisite training over the past 15 years. The Love & Ecstasy Training" is a powerful and life-transforming experience, and it carefully builds a container of safety in which to:

  • Unveil your gift to be the perfect Tantric Lover.
  • Open to greater physical and sexual pleasure.
  • Learn to relax in high states of arousal.
  • Discover and communicate how you like to be loved.
  • Expand to new horizons of ecstasy and bliss.
  • Let go of old limitations.
  • Bring the sacred into your love life.
  • Integrate Tantra into your everyday life.
  • Weave all aspects of your life into a harmonious balance.

Margot Anand's LET "Love & Ecstasy Training" is designed to take place over three separate weeks, eight months apart. It is designed to go deep, not simply teaching new techniques for building intimacy and accessing ecstatic states, but introducing a practice that can produce significant changes in your whole being.

The time between the cycles assists you in incorporating the practices into your daily life. The opening into new experiences and sensations is deepened through repetition. Between the cycles you are encouraged to meet with your fellow participants, your new family of SkyDancers, to practice together and teach each other what you have learned so far. This further prepares your system for deeper, higher experience during the second week.

Is this training right for you?

A prerequisite for Margot Anand's Love & Ecstasy Training" is that you have taken a workshop with Margot Anand or have other hands-on experience with Tantra. Plus you should answer yes to most of the following questions.... Would you like to:

  • learn how to love yourself more and enhance your self esteem as a lover?
  • heal old sexual wounds?
  • learn the art of positive, successful communication in sexuality?
  • understand the healing power of rituals and sacred ceremonies in the context of lovemaking?
  • feel that sexual loving is a spiritual empowerment and thus needs to be treated with devotion and respect?
  • learn the art of sexual ecstasy step by step all the way to the experience of a whole body orgasm?
  • understand the energy of the chakras or "energy centers" through which we can access: passion, flow, power, love, clear communication, clear vision and the ecstasy of the spirit?
  • experience ecstatic states and integrate them into your love life and your everyday life?

Margot Anand¹s Love & Ecstasy Training" is for singles and couples alike, ages 18 to 80. Whether you come by yourself or with a partner, you will find this workshop to be an enlivening and nourishing experience. Couples work with their partner if they choose, and individuals will work with other single participants. Together you will discover the secrets of meeting each other on a level of intimate trust and understanding. There will be an equal number of men and women present.

Cycle 1 The Body Ecstatic & Sexual Healing

This cycle will awaken your senses and heal your sexual wounds. We will discover and release physical tensions and emotional and psychological blocks that prevent us from loving our body and living our sensuality and pleasure.We will begin by freeing the first two chakras to help the energy flow throughout the body. The more our body releases tensions accumulated throughout our life, the more it can relax and be a source of pleasure.

In this cycle, you will:
* Celebrate your energy with freshness and innocence and become aware that the source of pleasure lies primarily within yourself
* Learn to love and accept your body, awaken your inner lover* Explore the art of tantric massage and gentle and respectful touch
* Learn the healing rituals of the Yoni and the Vajra (the sexual organs of a woman and a man)
* Enjoy and celebrate sacred rituals that honor and expand male and female energies
* Learn the art of preparing a tantric temple and the ritual of "sacred space"
* Discover the 3 Keys to sexual ecstasy: breath, movement and sound

Cycle 2: Love & Orgasm

In this cycle we will cover one of the pearls of SkyDancing Tantra: The "Multi Orgasmic Response: MORE". Following the healing of the pelvic floor in the previous cycle, the MORE session will help the energy to flow through the inner flute, fully and consciously opening ourselves to pleasure and sexual energy.

SkyDancing Tantra teaches the celebration of love and life. The other is a mirror and a door to our own evolution. Within the context of the relationship with the other, we deepen the art of feeling and finding the right distance that allows for the truest connection. We will develop the art of feeling and finding the right distance that allows for a profound connection with the other.

You will lean to:
* Open your heart to the other through genuine and profound communication, creating an environment of trust * Discover and harmonize your inner woman and inner man (Yin and Yang)
* Develop your awareness of the inner flute and the seven charkas
* Relax in high states of arousal, opening your body to the possibility of a full body orgasm and of expanded levels of orgasmic pleasure
* Explore ways of channeling sexual energy to the heart and creating a loving circle of energy with your partner

Cycle 3: From Sexual Passion to Spiritual Ecstasy

When the vital energy is awakened and flows freely, it is possible to melt into the silence of meditation. The energy of the first chakra is the energy of fire, which when released, will feed all other chakras and open the path to spiritual transformation. The “Wave of Bliss" is an advanced practice of SkyDancing Tantra that teaches how, during the union of Shiva and Shakti in the Yabyum position, the ascension and the refinement of the sexual energy can be used for the expansion of consciousness. The wave of Bliss is the union of consciousness and energy.

In this cycle you will:
* Experience the ascending “wave of bliss”
* Channel the vital energy through the chakras to open the inner flute
* Learn to contain energy, opening to the expansion of consciousness
* Learn to relax in meditation with a partner, experiencing a fusion of energies
* Discover the 100-Syllable Mantra «Vajrasattva».

Prices of this Training

5'100.- euros - commited to 6 cycles (850.- euros per cycle)
2'970.- euros - commited to 3 cycles (990.- euros per cycle)
1'090.- euros - commited to one cycle only

plus lodging = 65.- to 120.- euros per day per person full board  

How to pay:

- PAYPAL ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )  
- Bank transfer :
IBAN: CH13 0900 0000 9163 7123 1
Titulaire: Nital-Linda Brinkley - Epalinges - Suisse
Banque: PostFinance SA - Mingerstrasse 20 - 3030 Berne - Suisse
- French checks accepted